14 Stunning Examples of Black Tattoos

Black tattoos are simple yet striking works of art. Since bright, flashy colors aren’t used in black tattoo designs, it’s really up to the artist to make the design pop. The devil is in the details, as they say, when it comes to black and gray tattoos. It’s the fine details that really make these tattoo designs look fabulous!

If you’re considering a black tattoo, you really have lots of fantastic options. Black and gray tattoos can show off some amazing detail and dimension. Dotwork tattoos, which are comprised mostly of dots, can also look pretty amazing. Take a look at some of these types of tattoos and more in this collection!

1. Lotus Flower Tattoo

Not all lotus flower tattoos need to be colorful to be amazing. This black tattoo is pretty striking despite its simplicity!

black tattoosImage Source

2. Black Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo snaking up over the shoulder and down the chest is a pretty fantastic option for guys looking for black tattoos!

black tattoosImage Source

3. Wolf Dotwork Tattoos

Black tattoos made up almost entirely of dots, called dotwork tattoos, are becoming quite popular, and for good reason!

black tattoosImage Source

4. Eyeball Tattoo

Eyeball designs can be pretty striking as black tattoos.

black tattoosImage Source

5. Black Snake Tattoo

A snake travelling up your arm is a somewhat creepy, but beautiful sight when it’s just a tattoo…

black tattoosImage Source

6. Geometric Bee Tattoo

Geometric tattoos, in their innate simplicity, are perfect candidates for black tattoos. This geometric bee design on the lower back is pretty stunning.

black tattoosImage Source

7. Sketched Eye Tattoo

This is a much different style tattoo than the realistic eye above, but it’s pretty awesome in its own way!

black tattoosImage Source

8. Brain and Spinal Cord Tattoo

For the brainiacs among us, black tattoos like this brain and spinal cord design might be just the thing!

black tattoosImage Source

9. Blackwork Lion Tattoo

Majestic lions make great subjects for black tattoos!

black tattoosImage Source

10. Geometric Black Bird Tattoo

This black bird tattoo also includes an interesting and unique cube design.

black tattoosImage Source

11. squid Forearm Tattoo

The cube design can also be seen in this incredible squid forearm tattoo.

black tattoosImage Source

12. Oragami Crane Tattoo

Here’s another great example of a black and gray dotwork tattoo, this time with folded paper cranes.

black tattoosImage Source

13. Lace Owl Tattoo

Lace designs make fantastic black tattoos, and this beautiful lace owl is particularly stunning.

black tattoosImage Source

14. Black and Gray Flower Tattoo

Unusual flowers can also make some pretty great black tattoos!

black tattoosImage Source

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