14 Ravishing Rose Tattoos

There are some people in the world that have a green thumb, and everything they plant grows beautifully whether it is vegetables or flowers. One popular item that people can grow are roses, but not everyone has the talent and skill to make their roses bloom. However, why bother growing roses when you can just get a rose tattoo instead!

We have gathered up 14 Ravishing Rose Tattoos, and we promise that once you get done looking at this list, you’ll want a rose tattoo of your own because you won’t have to lift a finger to make these roses grow! Now, let’s check out that list of rose tattoos!

Rose with A Black Lacy Bow

This tattoo is a rose that has a black lacy bow with it, it is a beautiful example of what a highly skilled tattoo artist can do because you can actually see the intricate details of the lace!

Rose with A Black Lacy BowRose with A Black Lacy Bow

Roses and Vine Back Tattoo

There are some roses that grow on vines, so why not have a tattoo that is designed in the exact same way?

Roses and Vine Back TattooRoses and Vine Back Tattoo

Rose and Budding Roses Leg Tattoo

Roses in full bloom, and also budding roses, are what people really love, and this tattoo has both in them going down the leg.

Rose and Budding Roses Leg TattooRose and Budding Roses Leg Tattoo

Rose Hand Tattoo

Roses can be put in any location on the human body, and this person wanted a giant rose on the back of their hand.

Rose Hand TattooRose Hand Tattoo

Roses Shoulder Tattoo

Roses can be in color or just black ink, but even these roses without color still look just as real as their color counterparts!

Roses Shoulder TattooRoses Shoulder Tattoo

Pink Shoulder Rose Tattoo

Roses can come in every color, and pink roses are very beautiful. Take a look at this pink rose tattoo located on a shoulder.

Pink Shoulder Rose TattooPink Shoulder Rose Tattoo

Roses Outline Shoulder Tattoo

When people get a tattoo, they get it done in many stages depending on how complicated it is. This woman has a rose tattoo on her shoulder, and it is just the outline of it, but if she chooses to leave it like this, it is still a gorgeous tattoo.

Roses Outline Shoulder TattooRoses Outline Shoulder Tattoo

Colored Rose 3-D Shoulder Tattoo

This is an amazing three dimensional tattoo of a rose that looks so real that it can be picked right off of the skin and put in a vase!

Colored Rose 3-D Shoulder TattooColored Rose 3-D Shoulder Tattoo

Guns and Roses Tattoo

A lot of people want an unusual tattoo, and this one is guns and roses combined together with a nice ribbon! This is a perfect tattoo for people who are gun enthusiasts as well as crazy for roses.

Guns and Roses TattooGuns and Roses Tattoo

Twin Roses Arm Tattoo

Roses are even better when they come in pairs, and these two roses are colored, and even their leaves are colored too!

Twin Roses Arm TattooTwin Roses Arm Tattoo

Roses Across the Chest Tattoo

Roses can be come in a chain when they are used in decoration, but this man wanted a rose chain going across his chest. Do you think this is too many roses or is there any such thing as too many roses?

Roses Across the Chest TattooRoses Across the Chest Tattoo

Pretty In Pink Arm Tattoo

This is a gorgeous pink rose on the arm, and there is just something so beautiful and delicate about it that makes any woman want one of her very own.

Pretty In Pink Arm TattooPretty In Pink Arm Tattoo

Purple and Blue Roses Tattoo

Red roses are a typical tattoo that people can get, but there is nothing wrong with roses coming in both purple and blue.

Purple and Blue Roses TattooPurple and Blue Roses Tattoo

Roses and A Rosary Colored Tattoo

Some people are religious, and they have a tattoo that display their beliefs, but this is a combination of beautiful roses and a rosary that is both spiritual and beautiful.

Roses and A Rosary Colored TattooRoses and A Rosary Colored Tattoo

So, what did you think of the rose tattoos? Did you want to grow roses on your own or just get a cool tattoo? If you liked what you saw, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click one and you’ll be on a new page in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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