14 Impressive Helicopter Tattoo Design Ideas

Helicopters are one of modern man’s marvels, and today they are used for several things, including search and rescue missions, medical transport, and military assistance. Because of their general awesomeness, it’s no wonder that some people would consider a helicopter tattoo design. The majority of people with helicopter tattoos, though, get them because helicopters played a significant roll in their life. Soldiers, for instance, might consider a helicopter tattoo design, since they are so prevalent in the military.

There are a lot of pretty amazing helicopter tattoo designs out there to get a little inspiration from. If you’re considering your own helicopter tattoo, take a look at these designs for some great ideas.

1. Full Back Skull and Helicopter Tattoo

This helicopter tattoo design is an absolutely stunning piece of art—simply breathtaking!

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

2. Helicopter Bicep Tattoo

The biceps is a great area for a helicopter tattoo design, especially for guys!

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

3. Chinook Helicopter Tattoo Design

The Chinook helicopter makes a striking helicopter tattoo due to its tandem rotors and impressive design.

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

4. Helicopter Heroes Tattoo

Combined with an old fashioned plane design, this helicopter tattoo is pretty amazing and the word “Heroes” is quite fitting as well.

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

5. Vietnam Helicopter Tattoo

This helicopter tattoo design looks like it’s a scene with braze soldiers straight out of Vietnam; an emotional design for many, most likely.

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

6. Medevac Helicopter Tattoo

The white and red cross was a welcome sight to many wounded soldiers in the field, and this tattoo captures that emotional moment quite well.

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

7. Patriotic Helicopter Torso Tattoo

This helicopter tattoo incorporates patriotic elements and faith based symbols into a massive breathtaking torso tattoo design!

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

8. Helicopter Ripping Out of Shoulder

This expertly designed helicopter tattoo looks like it’s ripping right out of this person’s shoulder!

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

9. Helicopter Back Tattoo

Large helicopter tattoos, such as this one, fit nicely on the upper back.

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

10. Realistic Helicopter Scene Tattoo

A colorful background really adds to the stunning beauty of this realistic helicopter tattoo design!

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

11. Soldiers and Helicopter Tattoo

The brave soldiers sliding out of this helicopter add a nice little detail to this tattoo.

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

12. Amazing Helicopter Shoulder Tattoo

The detail and design elements in this tattoo make it a pretty amazing shoulder tattoo for the right person!

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

13. Helicopter Quote Tattoo

The right quote can really make a simple black helicopter tattoo design!

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

14. Helicopter and Soldier Tattoo

Here’s a stunning helicopter tattoo design that also doubles as a tribute to a soldier or soldiers.

helicopter tattoo designImage Source

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