13 Loving Heart Shaped Tattoos

A heart shaped tattoo is the perfect way to show your love for someone or something. Unlike traditional heart tattoos, a heart shaped tattoo doesn’t just have a heart shape—it has consists of words or a symbol to make the heart.

A heart shaped tattoo can consist of words, phrases, or symbols in the shape of a heart. Heart shaped tattoos can also be any color  or size that you want. Since the symbol of the heart is so recognizable, a heart shaped tattoo will be understood by just about anyone that you meet.

If you’re considering a heart shaped tattoo with words, take a look at the ideas below for a little inspiration!

1. Heart Tattoo With Love

A simple heart tattoo with the word love on the wrist is simple yet powerful,

heart shaped tattooImage Source

2. Heart Tattoo With Names and Dates

A heart tattoo with words is the perfect tattoo design idea for a memorial tattoo or a birth tattoo.

heart shaped tattooImage Source

3. Heart Shaped Quote Tattoo

The right quote can put the perfect touch oon a heart shaped tattoo.

heart shaped tattooImage Source

4. Side Name Tattoo

Memorable names, like children’s names are a perfect addition for heart shaped tattoos!

heart shaped tattooImage Source

5. Wrist Name Tattoo

The wrist is a perfect place for a heart shaped tattoo with names!

heart shaped tattoo design ideas 5Image Source

6. Heart Shaped Tattoo With Names and Flowers

Embellish a heart shaped tattoo with personal touches like flowers for a personal touch.

heart shaped tattoo design ideas 6Image Source

7. Infinity heart Tattoo

An infinity heart tattoo symbolizes love forever.

heart shaped tattooImage Source

8. Large Letter Heart Shaped Tattoo

Short names of initials are perfect additions to large letter heart shaped tattoos.

heart shaped tattooImage Source

9. Quote Heart Shaped Nae Tattoo

If you’re looking for a meaningful quote tattoo, adding a quote to the mix can really add to the meaning of a heart shaped quote.

heart shaped tattooImage Source

10. Colorful Heart Shaped Quote

Adding color to heart shaped quote can really add some custom details.

heart shaped tattooImage Source

11. Heart Shaped Tattoo on the Foot

The foot is a perfect place for a small heart shaped tattoo.

heart shaped tattooImage Source

12. Inspirational Heart Shaped Tattoo

Inspirational words can make a heart shaped tattoo more meaningful.

heart shaped tattoo design ideas 13Image Source

13. Shadowed Heart Shaped Tattoo

A little red shadowing really makes this tattoo pop!

heart shaped tattoo design ideas 14Image Source

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