13 Chilling Rattlesnake Tattoo Design Ideas

The rattlesnake is a serpent well know in the Americas. The rattling noise from its tail can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest men and women, and its venom could prove deadly, if one doesn’t heed to warning of the rattle.

As fearsome as they are, rattlesnakes are a still an object of fascination for many. Some so much that they get rattlesnake tattoos! Done properly, these tattoo designs are chilling and gorgeous at the same time. If you’re looking for some ideas for your own rattlesnake tattoo design, check out some of the ideas below…

1. Coiled Rattlesnake Tattoo

This coiled rattlesnake tattoo design features this slithering predator poised and ready to attack!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

2. Chilling Rattlesnake Tattoo Desgin

This rattlesnake, also in a coiled defensive position, is a pretty chilling tattoo to look at!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

3. Rattlesnake Down the Arm Tattoo

A rattlesnake slithering down your arm should be enough to get a few second glances, don’t you think?

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

4. Rattlesnake Cover Up Tattoo

The fierce looking rattlesnake in this tattoo was used to cover a much less attractive tattoo, and the results are amazing!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

5. Rattlesnake Shoulder Tattoo

The back of the shoulder is a large and semi-flat area of the body, perfect for a striking rattlesnake tattoo design!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

6. Rattlesnake Face Tattoo

Just the eyes and face of a rattlesnake are enough to send chills down some people’s spines. I guess less really is more when it comes to this rattlesnake tattoo design!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

7. Cow Skull and Rattlesnake Tattoo

A cow skull makes a great addition to a rattlesnake tattoo design!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

8. Striking Rattlesnake Tattoo

The amazing detail in this striking rattlesnake tattoo makes it so realistic that it’s downright frightening!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

9. Don’t Tread on Me Rattlesnake Tattoo

The Gadsden flag holds a special meaning for many people, and this rattlesnake tattoo is a nice representation of it!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

10. Close Up Rattlesnake Tattoo

The color and fine detail in this close up rattlesnake tattoo is simply astounding!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

11. Rattlesnake Foot Tattoo

Red, black, and gold blend together beautifully in this unique rattlesnake foot tattoo!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

12. Rattlesnake Biceps Tattoo

For men, the biceps is one of the best places to put a rattlesnake tattoo.

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

13. Rattlesnake Skeleton Tattoo

This rattlesnake tattoo design isn’t your typical skeleton tattoo!

rattlesnake tattoo designImage Source

As with any tattoo, choosing the right artist for your rattlesnake tattoo design is imperative. You need an artist that is familiar with the snake and can ink out all of the little details. Be sure to ask to see the artist’s portfolio and ask for recommendations. A rattlesnake tattoo can be tricky, so choosing the right artist could save you the hassle of ending up with a bad tattoo later.

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