12 Wonderful Heart Wrist Tattoos

Some women want a tattoo, but want a small one that they can put in a discreet place. The back of the wrist is kind of a hidden area, and there are a lot of really great tattoos that can be placed there like hearts! We have searched high and low and found a dozen beautiful little wrist tattoos that any woman would love to get!

Ready to take a look at some really sweet ways to express love by having a heart tattooed on the wrist? Well let’s go then let’s have a look right now!

Heart Outline Wrist Tattoo

Love can be expressed in a very simple way, and that is with just a small heart outline located on the wrist, what do you all think?

Heart Outline Wrist TattooHeart Outline Wrist Tattoo

Heart and Stars Wrist Tattoo

Hearts are not the only shapes that can be put on the wrist, take a look at this heart with a few stars all around it!

Heart and Stars Wrist TattooHeart and Stars Wrist Tattoo

Initial On Wrist with Hearts and Stars

This heart is colored, and there are three blue stars around it, and what can make it even more special is an initial!

Initial On Wrist with Hearts and StarsInitial On Wrist with Hearts and Stars

Infinity Heart On Wrist Tattoo

Love can be forever, and the symbol of infinity can be combined with a heart for a symbol of love that will really last forever!

Infinity Heart On Wrist TattooInfinity Heart On Wrist Tattoo

Heart with Heartbeat Line Wrist Tattoo

Some people want a heart on their wrist, but they also want to display that their heart beats for someone, and that line can be tattooed on the wrist as well!

Heart with Heartbeat Line Wrist TattooHeart with Heartbeat Line Wrist Tattoo

Family Word with Heart Tattoo On Wrist

To many people, the word family is one of the most important words other than love, and with this tattoo, the love of family can be displayed in a very unique way.

Family Word with Heart Tattoo On WristFamily Word with Heart Tattoo On Wrist

Heart with Musical Notes Wrist Tattoo

Musicians need music to live, and this tattoo can really express how important it is to them by having a few musical notes tattooed along the skin. These musical notes go from the wrist all the way around the front of it.

Heart with Musical Notes Wrist TattooHeart with Musical Notes Wrist Tattoo

Double Linked Hearts On Wrist

Two people in love can show it by having hearts tattooed on their wrist, and they can be the same color or two different colors.

Double Linked Hearts On WristDouble Linked Hearts On Wrist

Tiny Heart On Wrist Tattoo

This has to be the world’s tiniest heart tattoo, and it is so small that some people may not notice it, except of course for the person that wanted it done!

Tiny Heart On Wrist TattooTiny Heart On Wrist Tattoo

Heart with Floating Musical Notes

Some people love music so much that it flows through their heart, and with this very unique tattoo, they can literally have that done! What do you all think of this amazing tattoo?

Heart with Floating Musical NotesHeart with Floating Musical Notes

Love Heart with Colored Stars Wrist Tattoo

When you are in love, you should proclaim it loud and proud and this tattoo says that someone has love in a bold way! The word love is combined with a heart, and there are many colored stars all around it!

Love Heart with Colored Stars Wrist TattooLove Heart with Colored Stars Wrist Tattoo

Colored Puzzle Pieces Heart Tattoo

There is an old saying that people have so much love in their heart that it is literally like a giant puzzle, and everyone is a piece that helps create it! What a beautiful tattoo!

Colored Puzzle Pieces Heart TattooColored Puzzle Pieces Heart Tattoo

So, how gorgeous are these little wrist tattoos? Did these tattoos impress you? If they did, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click one and you’ll be on a new page (and exciting list) in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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