12 Beautiful Badge Tattoos

People, who are part of law enforcement, are often very proud of that fact they protect and serve. These brave men and women put their lives at risk every day to make the world safer, and want to show that enforcing the law is something in their blood. A tattoo is a very permanent way for men and women law officers to be creative with the fact they love the law and would do anything to defend it. Have you all ever seen a badge tattoo?

To show you all what we are talking about, we have gathered up these 12 Beautiful Badge Tattoos to show you just how proud and dedicated these men and women are to doing what is right. Once you get done looking at this list of badge tattoos, you’ll have a new appreciation for just how safe the world is because of law enforcement. Enough of our rambling though because you need to see these badge tattoos in order to see how creative they are. Are you ready to check out the list of badge tattoos? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Police Badge Patrolman Numbered Badge

Wow check out this really amazing badge that is of a patrolman. If you all were in law enforcement, would you consider a badge tattoo like this?

Police Badge Patrol Man Numbered BadgePolice Badge Patrol Man Numbered Badge

Memorial Badge with Black Strip

Sometimes police officers die in the line of duty, and this memorial badge has the name of one plus the black strip of mourning.

Memorial Badge with Black StripMemorial Badge with Black Strip

Connecticut Badge Tattoo

Here is a badge from the wonderful state of Connecticut, and how cool is it really with its shape and number?

Connecticut Badge TattooConnecticut Badge Tattoo

Badge Tattoo on Chest

This badge tattoo is located right on the chest, and it says law enforcement officer, which makes it very important to the person who owns this tattoo.

Badge Tattoo on ChestBadge Tattoo on Chest

Indiana Police Badge with Flag

Here we see a lovely police badge from the state of Indiana, and there is also a flag behind it, which also makes it patriotic too!

Indiana Police Badge with FlagIndiana Police Badge with Flag

Superman Police Badge with Flags

Law enforcement officers are often seen as Superman, and this awesome badge has the Superman symbol on it plus the other flags, which makes it a tattoo for a real hero.

Superman Police Badge with FlagsSuperman Police Badge with Flags

Badge with Eagle and Masonic Symbol

The policemen of the world are in a fraternity of law enforcement, but there are other fraternities that these men can be in like the Masonic brotherhood, and this bad represents both.

Badge with Eagle and Masonic SymbolBadge with Eagle and Masonic Symbol

Retired Police Officer Bad with Working Years

Why not get a badge tattoo when you retire from the force? Here is a great retirement badge tattoo, and the years worked are included on it.

Retired Police Officer Bad with Working YearsRetired Police Officer Bad with Working Years

Memorial Badge Chest Tattoo

There is nothing more tragic than the death of a police officer, and this tattoo is all about the one that was killed in the line of duty and includes years.

Memorial Badge Chest TattooMemorial Badge Chest Tattoo

Memorial Badge Tattoo with Flag

The death of a Deputy Chief can be a huge shock to the men, and this tattoo will immortalize the legacy of the Deputy Chief, and the flag also shows how patriotic the chief was.

Memorial Badge Tattoo with FlagMemorial Badge Tattoo with Flag

Eagle Badge Tattoo

Here is a really simple badge tattoo, and it has an eagle on it, which is what all badges have on it.

Eagle Badge TattooEagle Badge Tattoo

Memorial Badge Tattoo with Years and Name

The memorial badge tattoo has the name of the deceased officer plus the years that this officer was born and died.

Memorial Badge Tattoo with Years and NameMemorial Badge Tattoo with Years and Name

So, were we right about how awesome tattoos? Did these badge tattoos surprise or impress you? If you have anything to say about these awesome tattoos, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list of tattoos, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click on a link, and you’ll be on a new page (and exciting list) in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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