11 Prince Tattoos to Honor a Legend

It’s been just a few days since the iconic artist Prince passed away, and many fans are simply devastated. Prince was a talented artist and was well known for his vocal skills, songwriting abilities, and amazing live performances. One thing is for sure, this is one artist that will be missed by many around the world, and fans have just started mourning the loss of a legend. It’s no surprise that some fans may even be considering Prince tattoos.

Prince tattoos are really a personal preference for fans. Some may prefer detailed and realistic portraits of the artist’s face, while others may want something a little simpler, like the interesting symbol that the artist adopted for his name in the 90’s. Symbols and images from his songs, like doves and purple rain might also be popular subjects for Prince tattoos.

Check out these awesome Prince tattoo designs for some great inspiration!

1. Prince Tongue Tattoo

Here’s an awesome Prince portrait tattoo featuring his signature sultry gaze. What an amazing way to be remembered!

prince tattoosImage Source

2. Prince Symbol Tattoo

There are lots of great Prince tattoos featuring just the artist’s symbol, but sometimes just a simple symbol has just enough impact.

prince tattoosImage Source

3. Vine Prince Symbol Tattoo

The vine twisting around this Prince symbol adds a nice little contrast of color, and th butterfly adds a bit of a whimsical touch.

prince tattoosImage Source

4. Prince Symbol With Flowers

Prince tattoos for women can contain all sorts of feminine touches, like this purple symbol tattoo surrounded by pink flowers.

prince tattoosImage Source

5. Prince Portrait Tattoo

This portrait captures a beautiful and peaceful essence of a man with a beautiful soul.

prince tattoosImage Source

6. Purple Rain Prince Tattoo

You knew that a list of Prince tattoos wouldn’t leave out a reference to Purple Rain, the artists most well known and popular album!

prince tattoosImage Source

7. Prince Purple Rain Chest Tattoo

The artist’s name and symbol tattooed on this woman’s chest are accented with some pretty purple raindrops.

prince tattoosImage Source

8. Large Prince Symbol Tattoo

This large Prince symbol tattoo is colorful, eye catching, and beautifully designed!

prince tattoosImage Source

9. Prince Symbol and Eye Tattoo

One thing’s for sure—this artist had some utterly beautiful eyes!

prince tattoosImage Source

10. Prince and Dove Tattoo

When Doves Cry was another popular song by Prince, making doves great additions to Prince tattoos!

prince tattoosImage Source

11. Dove Prince and Guitar Tattoo

A dove that look like Prince playing his iconic guitar? Awesome design for a Prince tattoo!

prince tattoosImage Source

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