11 Interesting Breakup Tattoos

We’d like to think that love is long lasting and even forever. But, sometimes things don’t always work out how we planned. Not all relationships are matches made in heaven, and sometimes you just need to breakup and move on. Getting over a breakup can be pretty tough too. Everyone has their ways of coping. Some eat a tub of ice cream, some hit the bars, and some get breakup tattoos!

A breakup tattoo can actually be a great form of therapy! People generally choose uplifting and inspirational designs for breakup tattoos, and quotes are particularly popular. Something to remind you that life goes on and things will get better can be a great way to help move on after a breakup.

If you’re looking for ideas for breakup tattoos, check out some of these awesome tattoo designs!

1. Love Said No Tattoo

Sometimes love can be a big, disagreeable pain in the butt!

breakup tattoosImage Source

2. Voided Name Tattoo

Here’s an interesting way to get cover up an ex-flame’s name tattoo on your body. Hopefully Tracy has a sense of humor if they get back together!

breakup tattoosImage Source

3. Be Happy After a Breakup Tattoo

Sometimes after a breakup, you just need a little reminder to chill out and be happy. Actually, this is a nice reminder for anyone, broken up or not.

breakup tattoosImage Source

4. The Past is Practice Tattoo

There’s no sense in dwelling on bad relationships in the past. Just consider them practice for when the right one comes along.

breakup tattoosImage Source

5. Screw You Breakup Tattoo

Yeah! Screw you, Andy! Simple and to the point, not to mention much cheaper than laser removal.

breakup tattoosImage Source

6. Set Me Free Breakup Tattoo

For some, breakup tattoos are less about mourning the loss of the relationship and more about gaining something positive.

breakup tattoosImage Source

7. Life Goes on Heartbeat Tattoo

You can scream and cry and get as many breakup tattoos as you want, but nothing will change this simple fact—life goes on…

breakup tattoosImage Source

8. Escaping Caged Bird Tattoo

People who felt trapped in their relationships might consider something along the lines of caged bird tattoos. Escaping birds, that is.

breakup tattoosImage Source

9. Not Bitter, But Better Tattoo

“Let your past make you better, not bitter.” Very wise words indeed, and definitely words to remember after a breakup.

breakup tattoosImage Source

10. You Are What you Love Tattoo

After a breakup, some people need a little reminder that a failed relationship does not define them as a person.

breakup tattoosImage Source

11. Cover Up Breakup Tattoo

Getting a portrait tattoo of your current flame isn’t the best idea, since cover up tattoos are some of the most common types of breakup tattoos. This is a pretty amazing cover up tattoo, though!

breakup tattoosImage Source

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