10 Simple Fish Tattoos

For people who have a lot of faith, they want to express their beliefs in a way that sets them apart from other believers. With the Catholic faith, the symbol of the simple fish means Jesus Christ, and the design is simple and plain enough that it makes for a great tattoo. We have found some great tattoos that show just how strongly people believe in the existence of a higher power, and have chosen a fish symbol tattoo to express it. Curious? Take a look!

We promise that once you get done looking at this list, you’ll have a new appreciation just how sacred this simple fish tattoo is, what it means, and the creative ways that people have gotten it up on their bodies. Okay, enough of our rambling. Are you ready to check out the list of fish symbol tattoos? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Simple Fish Heel Tattoo

The great thing about such a simple fish design is the fact that it is small enough to go just about anywhere, even the heel of the foot! The quarter in this picture shows you just how small the tattoo really is, which makes it both tiny and discreet.

Simple Fish Heel TattooSimple Fish Heel Tattoo

Simple Fish Hand Tattoo

There are many designs that this fish symbol can come in, and this fish on the hand has an eye to it. What do you all think of the fish having an eye?

Simple Fish Hand TattooSimple Fish Hand Tattoo

Simple Fish Tattoo On Belly

Another discreet place is the belly, and this fish tattoo actually has a small cross on it and the word believe, which really makes it simple yet powerful at the same time.

Simple Fish Tattoo On BellySimple Fish Tattoo On Belly

Simple Fish Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos are becoming more popular all the time, and this one has the name of Jesus Christ, which is always associated with the fish symbol.

Simple Fish Foot TattooSimple Fish Foot Tattoo

Simple Fish Matching Wrist Tattoos

For two people who have a lot of faith, getting two matching tattoos can show both their faith, and their love, for one another. Would you ever considering getting matching tattoos with the one you love?

Simple Fish Matching Wrist TattoosSimple Fish Matching Wrist Tattoos

Simple Fish Foot Tattoo with Bible Verse and Cross

Some people want more than a fish tattoo, but they may also want to put a cross to show their faith, or even add a bible verse. This photo shows both a cross, and a bible verse, and it looks amazing on the top of the foot.

Simple Fish Foot Tattoo with Bible Verse and CrossSimple Fish Foot Tattoo with Bible Verse and Cross

Simple Fish Foot Tattoo In Blue Ink with the Word Faith

Who says a simple fish tattoo cannot be colorful? This tattoo is done in blue ink, and it also includes the word faith, and it makes for a really unique tattoo.

Simple Fish Foot Tattoo In Blue Ink with the Word FaithSimple Fish Foot Tattoo In Blue Ink with the Word Faith

Simple Fish Wide Fish Tattoo On Wrist

This picture shows a fish tattoo, but the size of it is bigger than a normal one due to the fact that a much wider, and thicker, line was used for the tattoo. Though that tattoo is thicker, it is on the wrist, and it still looks really good.

Simple Fish Wide Fish Tattoo On WristSimple Fish Wide Fish Tattoo On Wrist

Simple Fish Tattoo Behind the Ear

You can put a simple fish tattoo on any part of the body, as all of these pictures have shown, but this one is behind the ear and includes a cross.

Simple Fish Tattoo Behind the EarSimple Fish Tattoo Behind the Ear

Simple Fish Wrist Tattoo with Red Coloring

A simple fish tattoo can be very simple, but that does not mean it has to have a lack of color. This tattoo on the wrist has some red coloring on it, and it looks really great.

Simple Fish Wrist Tattoo with Red ColoringSimple Fish Wrist Tattoo with Red Coloring

So, were we right about your faith being stronger once you saw these fish tattoos? Did these very simple tattoos leave an impression on you? If they did, and you want to say something about them, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list of tattoos, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click one and you’ll be on a new page in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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