10 Awesome Sketch Tattoos

Perfectly designed and etched tattoos are the norm, generally. A good tattoo artist can create a tattoo design on a human canvas that has such exceptional detail that that the design is lifelike and realistic. While these tattoos are amazing in so many ways, not everyone wants such a perfect design. Sketch tattoos might be the answer!

Sketch tattoos are tattoo designs that look like a rough sketch or drawing. They’re a great representation of just how perfectly iperfect everything is. Plus, not to mention, that they look pretty awesome too!

1. Sketched Heart Tattoo

This anatomical heart tattoo looks like a sketch straight out of an old fashioned medical textbook or journal.

sketch tattoosImage Source

2. Wolf Sketch Tattoo

The line work and detail in this sketched wolf tattoo is simply amazing!

sketch tattoosImage Source

3. Colorful Sketched Turtle Tattoo

Color is added to some sketch tattoos and they still have that rough, first draft look and feel to them.

sketch tattoosImage Source

4. Sketched Deer Tattoo

Large sketch tattoos, like this stag on the rib cage, are definitely quite striking and dramatic!

sketch tattoosImage Source

5. Cat Sketch Tattoos

Sketch tattoos also look pretty great on the shoulder, as you can see here with this sketched cat tattoo design.

sketch tattoosImage Source

6. Monkey Sketch Tattoo Design

A monkey makes a fun and lighthearted subject for sketch tattoos, and it’s not something that you would expect!

sketch tattoosImage Source

7. Sketched Bird Tattoo Design

This sketch design of a bird in mid-flight is a beautiful addition to this beautiful belly!

sketch tattoosImage Source

8. Dog Sketch Tattoo

Here’s another large sketch tattoo, this time of man’s best friend, placed on the side of the torso.

sketch tattoosImage Source

9. Fox and Rabbit Sketch Tattoos

The wispy sketched details in this beautiful sketched nature tattoo design make it a gorgeous sight to behold!

sketch tattoosImage Source

10. Bird and Face Sketch Tattoo

Finally, here’s a creative and unique sketch tattoo design that combines a bird and a woman’s face.

sketch tattoosImage Source

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