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28 Saintly Jesus Tattoos For 2013

Jesus, with his deep love and passion for all of mankind, makes for a powerful symbol in tattoos. One of the most popular Christian symbols, Jesus Tattoos express the myriad shades of Jesus Christ.

23 Dainty Fairy Tattoos For 2013

Tattoos showing fairies express secret fantasies and desires as they spread their magic on the skin. The graceful fairies with their magical powers look delightful in tattoo designs. Fairies are often inked on the

24 Striking Gemini Tattoos For 2013

People born in June come under the sun sign, Gemini. This interesting sun sign is full of complex energies, which makes the Gemini natives exciting to be around. The Twins is the symbol that

26 Stimulating Star Tattoo Designs For 2013

What is it about stars that fascinates humans of all ages? Perhaps that wonder about the stars up in the sky deepens because we feel they are out of reach. Imagination is the master

24 Relaxed Peace Sign Tattoos For 2013

The peace sign debuted in 1950′s in Britain, when it was premired as a logo for Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, it subsequently gained widespread popularity when it was adopted by anti war activists, world

27 Avian Bird Tattoos For 2013

The graceful forms of birds make for beautiful tattoo designs. Ever since the earliest human looked upward and saw birds flying, the desire to fly has been a part and parcel of our existence.

23 Ornamental Aztec Tattoos For 2013

The ancient Mexican civilization is a rich treasure-trove for tattoo artists. The Aztecs had a well-developed tattoo art tradition, featuring their deep spiritual beliefs and cultural practices. The detailed images and symbols used in

26 Tasteful Neck Tattoos For Men

Permanent ink designs look awesome on the powerful neck of men. Colorful tattoo designs inked on the neck make a stunning style statement, and also express the dreams and fantasies of the wearer. The