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25 Energetic Harley Tattoos

Men love bikes and there is no denying it. With the world advancing with a liberated attitude, women too are not far behind. These days, it is a very

24 Stylish Rib Tattoos For 2013

The side of the body is a great place for permanent ink designs. Tattoo artists enjoy creating beautiful designs on the elongated surface of the ribs. You often find

26 Tasteful Hand Tattoo Designs

It is interesting to be able to expose our innermost emotions in a free manner. Emotions are an expression of the mind and it is very easy to express

26 Picturesque Swallow Tattoo Designs For 2013

The swallow is a popular bird motif in tattoo art. The graceful form with the forked tail creates elegant tattoo designs. The swallow can be inked on its own,

26 Gangsta Tattoos for Tough Guys

The world of street crime is brutal and fast-faced with many lives lost in gang rivalry. Tattoos often depict the dangerous and ruthless world of street gangs. The designs

22 Decorative Armband Tattoos For 2013

The rounded shape of the forearm makes a great surface for tattoos. People often get a stylish design inked on their upper arm. The design can be inked as

26 Creative Plumeria Tattoo

Plumeria is a group of flowering plants, well-loved for colorful and vivid blooms. The pretty hues and patterns of the five petal flowers inspire many tattoo designs. The petals

21 Heavenly Angel Tattoo Designs For 2013

The angel as a messenger of the heavens is a common figure across cultures. The angel brings messages from the future, or sometimes prays for guidance from the heavens.