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60 jQuery Plugins You Should Try Today

jQuery, a cross-browser JavaScript library has come a long way in simplifying the client-side scripting of HTML. Since its release in Jan 2006, it has been the popular JavaScript

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Facebook is an integral part of our lives and we are so used to of check it for professional or personal reasons, that its difficult to live without it.

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jQuery has the power to produce amazing effects and that too with little efforts. And when it comes to navigation, jQuery has no competition. We know not every one

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jQuery UI has opened many paths for us and you can get many of UI resources free of cost.

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jQuery has helped designers to make dynamical content and web design and jQuery content slider has made some of the best web sites.

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Ever since its release, jQuery is getting due attention of Coders. With little coding you can actually produce amazing results. You can see effective use of jQuery in image

25 Handy jQuery Tutorials

jQuery is a “write less, do more” JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. Released in 2006, it has become synonymous with script. Developers can trust

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Social Media is the invincible part of our life. Every business whether small or big is doing its best to spread a word about its activities through Social Media.