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14 Unique and Funky Hair Tattoos

Hair tattoos are a creative and funky new trend! To create a hair tattoo, a design is usually shaved into the hair, and the scalp underneath peeks out creating a contrasting design. These usually

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Purple hair? Oh yeah! It’s feminine yet edgy and oh so chic! Dying our hair purple is a funky way to show people that simple blonde, red, or brunette hair just won’t do for

14 Perfect Purple Hairstyles

When it comes to getting their hair colored, many women prefer to get a color that is closest to their natural color. However, getting your hair dyed the same color it is naturally can

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Summer is right around the corner and we decided to give you guys some awesome summer hairstyles to check out. All of the hairstyles found within the list below are unique and look great during the

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With this list of 9 Pleasantly Exciting Hairstyles, we are bringing you a list of hairstyles that put a smile on our faces when we see them. These are all hairstyles that not only

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As you already know, 2014 has turned out to be a pretty good year. There’s a lot of big things happened and we decided that it was time for some big things to happen

10 Universal Hairstyles For Women

Every single day, there are millions of women out there that wish they could find the perfect hairstyle. They’ve played around with different styles in the past and had limited success. They weren’t happy