15 Crazy Sexy Corset Piercings

I thought we’d switch up our usual routine today and show you a different sort of body art—corset piercings!

If you aren’t familiar with corset piercings, they’re really exactly like they sound. It’s a piercing, or rather several piercings, that are positioned in vertical rows. Ribbon is usually laced through the rings used in the piercing to resemble the laces on a corset.

Since they are surface piercings, corset piercings are often seen as temporary. The piercings rarely stay in longer than a few days to a few weeks, due to healing issues and piercing migration. Oftentimes, corset piercings are done for BDSM play, photo shoots, or piercers’ portfolio, or just because they look really cool!

Corset piercings are unique and undeniably sexy, and they’re are one of the most striking and beautiful piercings out there. If you don’t believe me, check out these captivating corset piercings!

1. Classic Corset Piercings

Let’s start with a classic corset piercing. Classic corset piercings have very simple designs, but are just as intriguing as more complex corset piercings.

Classic Corset Piercing Black and WhiteWe Heart It

2. Corset Piercing and Steel Bars

Here’s an interesting corset piercing design idea. It consists of regular corset piercings with each ring connected to another ring with steel bars. This corset piercing design gives it an interesting look, and the light blue ribbon softens it a bit.

Double Corset Piercings 1Tattoo Bite

3. Double Corset Piercings on the Back

Here’s a set of double corset piercings on the same woman. Instead of lacing the piercings up the middle of the back, they’re laced up into two separate vertical rows.

Double Corset Piercings 2Naver

4. Double Corset Piercings With Extra Rings

Judging by the tattoo on the lower back, I’d be willing to venture that this is the same woman from the previous two images. If it is, she must really like corset piercings, because here she is sporting four more rows of corset piercings. The extra rings at the top of the corset piercings in this image, allow the ribbon to be threaded differently, which really adds a little extra something to these corset piercings!

Another Double Corset PiercingCheck Out My Ink

5. Corset Piercings With Wings

The contrast of the black and red ribbons on these corset piercings are just stunning! The corset piercings in this image branch out at the top, making it look like she has wings.

Corset Piercing With WingsThe Chive

6. Double Corset Piercings With Intricate Design

These next corset piercings also include three rings at the top and bottom of the back. Like the image above, these extra rings allow for more intricate designs. I love the pretty pink ribbon used in these corset piercings too!

Pink Corset Piercing DesignBody Jewelry Blog

7. Corset Piercings With Diamonds

This next set of piercings is a little different than the classic corset piercings. Instead of being laced up the back in a traditional fashion, the piercings create a series of interlocking diamonds on the back.

Corset Piercings With DiamondsImmersed in Ink

8. Corset Piercings With U Shape

Here’s another unique corset piercing design idea. The top set of rings were placed so the ribbon could be woven into a U shape.

Corset Piercing With U ShapePiercing Time

9. Heart Corset Piercing

A mix of wide opaque ribbons and thin translucent ribbons give this heart corset design some nice depth.

Heart Corset PiercingPiercingtime.com

10. Side Corset Piercing

Corset piercings don’t always have to be on the back either! This side corset piercing as an excellent example of that.

Side Corset PiercingPinterest

11. Throat Corset Piercing

If you’re brave enough to let someone poking several holes in your throat, you deserve a medal! This next corset piercing is smaller, but it’s sure to turn a few heads!

throat corset piercingBodypiercers.org

12. Corset Piercings on the Legs

These two corset piercings on the legs are super sexy!

Corset piercings on the legsTinta Pele

13. Upper Arm Corset Piercings

Make a bold statement with these upper arm corset piercings…

upper arm corset piercingsTinta Pele

14. Forearm Corset Piercings

…or these forearm corset piercings!

Corset piercings on forearmsBody Jewelry Blog

15. Corset Piercings on Feet

I can’t imagine trying to wear shoes with these corset piercings on the feet. They do look pretty awesome, though!

Corset piercings on feetJesse Villarreal

And, that wraps up our list of fun and unique corset piercings! Love them or hate them, you have to admit that some of these corset piercings were pretty amazing and definitely more interesting than a simple belly button piercing!  lot of corset piercings would pair well with elegant lower back tattoos or small wings tattoos.

Let us know what you think about these corset piercing idea? Is it something that you’d consider getting?

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