12 Neat Labret Piercings

Also referred to as tongue pillar piercings or soul patch piercings, labrets are a subtle, yet appealing way to add some neat jewelry to your lower lip. Fortunately for those new to the piercing world, labrets are not too painful and usually only small studs are used, making the entire process quick and easy. However, regardless of the underlying simplicity that comes with these piercings, many people have gotten creative with them, and some have even gone as far as to attach them with other rings on their cheeks and ears. Although that may sound rather ridiculous to some people, it is not even the most extreme example, and many are (surprisingly enough) far more intense. So, in order to properly display some of these extremely creative examples, while also catering to the folks interested in standard labrets, we have created the very versatile list below.

Ranging from simple, standard “above the chin” piercings, to ideas that would make anyone’s jaw drop, here is our list of 12 neat labret piercings!

1. An Open Lower Lip Labret Piercing

Yes, believe it or not, labret face gauges are rather popular. For those looking for an extreme design, this is certainly a great choice.

An Open Lower Lip Labret Piercing

2. A Very Creative Labret Tongue Hole

Another extreme example, that (much like the piercing above) might make eating and drinking a little more difficult than it should be..

A Very Creative Labret Tongue Hole

3. A Couple With Matching Labret Piercings

Not only a creative way to pierce your face, but a creative way to kiss your significant other as well!

A Couple With Matching Labret Piercings

4. A Very Standard Labret Piercing

For those looking to get a simple, standard labret, this is perhaps the perfect example.

This person also has their upper lip pierced, which is technically referred to as a “medusa” piercing.

A Very Standard Labret Piercing

5. A Silver Labret Ring

Another standard labret example, which (unlike the image above) was done with a full ring, not just an un-connected stud.

A Silver Labret Ring

6. A Lower Lip Side Labret

A nice lower lip side labret, proving that these piercings look good all along the lower lip, not just in the center.

A Lower Lip Side Labret

7. A Red Infinity Labret Ring

Depending on the person’s skin tone and lip color, this red infinity ring may not even be noticeable, making it a great choice for those weary of coming home with (or going to work with) a face piercing.

A Red Infinity Labret Ring

8. A Golden Ring Side Labret

As opposed to silver or red, you can always get a golden labret. Not only do they look nice on your face, but they also stick out much better than most other colors.

A Golden Ring Side Labret

9. A Double Ringed Side Labret

Equipped with flat black rings, this double side labret looks neat and is a great choice for those uninterested in shiny, flashy face jewelry.

A Double Ringed Side Labret

10. A Stretched White Labret Piercing

Unlike most single piercings, stretched labrets can only be obtained over time with multiple piercings that expand your skin little by little.

A Stretched White Labret Piercing

11. A Lime Green Labret Ball

Due to the similarly colored tattoos below his lower lip, this piercing is almost unnoticeable. However, it is very creative, and appears to match the style of his nose ring.

A Lime Green Labret Ball

12. A Shiny Scalpelled Labret Piercing

Appearing almost as a small mirror next to two solid black studs, this piercing sticks out well, and (due to it’s body shape) is defined as a “scalpelled” labret.

A Shiny Scalpelled Labret Piercing

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