20 Great Web Page Backgrounds Which Are Free To Use

There can be times when your web design is almost done but you can’t finalize a beautiful background for your site. Importance of a Background can not be ignored since a site is viewed differently in different browsers and resolutions and the empty space at the background kills the foreground’s beauty.

Designing a background yourself is a time consuming process and its hardly required when the fellow designers have heartily and happily contributed so many beautiful backgrounds and patterns for websites. We have collected few sets of Beautiful Backgrounds which will surely be useful to you.

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Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns

More Information on Dark Patterns

13 Asphalt Textures

Asphalt Textures

More Information on Asphalt Textures

103 Various Textures

Various Textures

More Information on Various Textures

94 Walls


More Information on WALLS

6 Hand Drawn Seamless Hand Patterns

Hand Drawn Seamless Hand Patterns

More Information on Hand Drawn Seamless Hand Patterns

63 Children’s Drawings

Children's Drawings

More Information on Children’s Drawings

Cracked Paint Texture

Cracked Paint Texture

More Information on Cracked Paint Texture

Sue’s Wood Patterns

Sue's Wood Patterns

More Information on Sue’s Wood Patterns

Customize patterns

Customize patterns

More Information on Customize patterns

4 Water Textures

Water Textures

More Information on Water Textures

18 Pink Pattern Pack

Pink Pattern Pack

More Information on Pink Pattern Pack

69 Metal Textures

Metal Textures

More Information on Metal Textures

Rocks & Stones

Rocks & Stones

More Information on Rocks & Stones

5+ Vector Modern Dark Backgrounds

5+ Vector Modern Dark Backgrounds

More Information on 5+ Vector Modern Dark Backgrounds

Stripes Pattern Collection

Stripes Pattern Collection

More Information on Stripes Pattern Collection

Ali 40 Photoshop seamless patterns set

Ali 40 Photoshop seamless patterns set

More Information on Ali 40 Photoshop seamless patterns set

55 Paper Textures

Paper Textures

More Information on Paper Textures

4 Playful Seamless Retro Patterns

Playful Seamless Retro Patterns

More Information on Playful Seamless Retro Patterns

12 Colorful Paper Textures

Colorful Paper Textures

More Information on Colorful Paper Textures

4 Colorful Rainbow Marble Patterns

Colorful Rainbow Marble Patterns

More Information on Colorful Rainbow Marble Patterns

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