Torn Photo Effect

Being in love is a magical thing but when a break up happens, it usually happens hard. So, in honor of all the ending relationships out there, we put together a tutorial on how to create the popular torn photo effect that will make your break up a little easier which is something that almost anyone will appreciate greatly.

So, with that being said, we invite you to scroll down and take a look at the torn photo effect tutorial below. Not only is it 100% free but it’ll teach you everything that you need to know in order to create the perfect torn photo effect with minimal effort. Much like what we teach in all of our tutorials, you can tweak this in order to achieve the perfect effect and the methods that we show you here for this torn photo effect are sure to come in handy during other design efforts with Adobe Photoshop. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and take a look!

  • Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Time: 1 – 1:30 hrs


Wrinkled Paper

Before and After

couple Torn Photo Effect

breakup couple small Torn Photo Effect

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Step 1

Open Photo in Photoshop.

step1 open image Torn Photo Effect

Step 2

Name the base layer coupleDuplicate (Ctrl + J) the image .

step2 duplicate Torn Photo Effect

Step 3

Increase the canvas size by using the Crop tool (C)Add a new layer below all the layers (Ctrl + Shift + N).

step3 crop Torn Photo Effect

Step 4

Fill the newly created layer with black color.

step4 bg color Torn Photo Effect

Step 5

Select the couple layerNow select your Lasso tool (L) and make a selection just like the one I had created.

step5 lasso tool Torn Photo Effect

Step 6

Copy the layer (Ctrl + J)Note that only the portion under the selected area has been copied.Name this layer male.

step6 duplicate image Torn Photo Effect

Step 7

Now select the male layer (Ctrl + click on the layer) and delete this area from the couple copy layer (created in the step 2) Name this layer female.I had hidden my male layer just to show you the effect.

step7 reselect n delete Torn Photo Effect

Step 8

Go back to your male layer and reselect the layerGo to select> modify> expand and expand your selection by 7 pixels.

step8 expand mask Torn Photo Effect

Step 9

Create a new layerSelect your Brush tool with size 30 and hardness 65%And paint with white colour on the new layer around the margins of your imageYou will note that only the area under the mask is being painted.Make sure not to keep the thickness of the painted area equalName this layer tearing.

step9 paint mask Torn Photo Effect

Step 10

Duplicate the tearing layer (Ctrl +J).

step10 duplicate tearing Torn Photo Effect

Step 11

Open your smudge tool with brush size 8, hardness 0% and strength 40%And paint on the edge of the tearing layerThe trick is to blend and soften the edge.

step11 smudging Torn Photo Effect

Step 12

Select the male and tearing layers and merge (Alt + Ctrl + E), this will keep your original layers intact and make a new merged layer.

step12 merge layer Torn Photo Effect

Step 13

Open the layer style properties and check on the ‘drop shadow’, ‘inner glow’ and ‘bevel and emboss’Make the following changesDrop Shadow:Angle: 130 degreesInner GlowMode: screenOpacity: 75%Color: blackBevel and EmbossMode outer bevelDepth: 50Size: 2Soften: 1Angle: 130 degrees.

step13 layer style Torn Photo Effect

Step 14

Unhide the female layer and Move the layer (we created in the last step) to separate from the female layer..

step14 move layer Torn Photo Effect

Step 15

Now unhide the tearing layer(created in step 10) and alter its thickness with brush and eraser tools.

step15 girl tear Torn Photo Effect

Step 16

Repeat step 11 to step 13 on the female portion too.

step16 repeat steps11 13 Torn Photo Effect

Step 17

Place the two layers effectively with the help of transform tool (Ctrl + T).

step17 transform Torn Photo Effect

Step 18

Add an adjustment layer hue saturation on top of all the layers and color correct the image..

step18 cc Torn Photo Effect

Step 19

To give a crushed feelingImport the crushed paper file into the Photoshop and place it just below your adjustment layer.

step19 open crushed paper Torn Photo Effect

Step 20

Change the blending mode to Multiply and reduce the opacity to 85%.

step20 change blend mode Torn Photo Effect

Final Image

breakup couple small Torn Photo Effect

Download PSD

download button Torn Photo Effect

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