Incredible 3D Text Effect

3D Text Effects are a vital part of any Photoshop user’s arsenal. With that being said, it’s important to learn how to implement them into your images and learn how to assemble them in general. With the step by step instructions below, you’ll not only learn how to create effective 3D Text Effects but you’ll also learn how to use them. In other words, we’re going to basically hold your hand from beginning to end and teach you everything you need to know. Not all Photoshop Tutorials do this but we like to go above and beyond expectations.

So, if you’re ready to get started with this example tutorial and are ready to learn how to create stunning 3D Text Effects, scroll down and take a look. This is just one example but the process can be replicated for virtually any type of 3D Text that you want to make. Now, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and take a look!

Final Image Preview

3D Text Effect Incredible

  • Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Skill: Advance
  • Time: 1:00 – 1:30 hrs.


Image : Source
Font : Source

STEP 1: Create a New Document

Create a document of size 800*600 pixels and color mode set to RGB color with 72 resolution.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 2:Import the Image

Import the image by simply drag dropping it into Photoshop. For this I am going to use a pottery surface cracks image. You can download the image from this link or you can experiment on any other image of your choice.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 3: Rasterize the Layer

Now right click on the image’s layer and select ‘Rasterize Layer‘. We need to rasterize this layer because when we drag an image on CS5, it will open as smart object, so for editing it you’ll have to convert it into Raster.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 4: Use Filter

Add a filter on the image to it give a nice effect ( Filter > Texture > Stained Glass)

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 5: Apply Filter Settings

Now we need to apply the following setting to the Stained Glass’s attribute i.e Cell Size = 2, Border Thickness = 3, Light Intensity = 3.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 6: Add Text

Here we will start with the Text part. Write down the text INCREDIBLE. You may use any other text as per your convenience and suitability. For this particular text I have used the Transformers Font. You can get this particular font from the following link: Transformers Font. You can use any other suitable font for your effect.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 7: Duplicate Image Layer and Add Selection to Text

Now duplicate the image layer, rename it as BG copy and drag it above the text layer. To add a selection of the text, we will select the BG copy layer and use ‘ctrl + left click‘ on the text layer.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 8: Delete Unwanted Part

Hit ctrl + shift + I on the keyboard to invert our selection. As soon as the inverse of the selection has been done, hit Delete on the keyboard to remove the unwanted part of the image.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 9: Add Color to Text

To work on an individual layer and to hide the rest of the layers, press alt + left click on the eye of the text layer. Now Change the color of the text to black by simply clicking on the box highlighted with red stroke below and by hitting alt + backspace on the keyboard.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 10: Rasterize Text Layer

Now Rasterize the text layer also for making it editable, and press ctrl + T for free transform and scale it to 107.00%.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 11: Wrap the Text

Now we will create the depth of the text. In free transform mode right click on it select ‘WARP‘, and change the shape as shown below.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 12: Add Drop Shadow

Now to add some more depth to the effect, double click on BG copy layer and select the ‘Drop Shadow‘ option from Layer Style box, and put the following values as shown below.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 13: Duplicate BG Copy Layer

Now duplicate BG_copy layer by hitting Ctrl + J on the keyboard.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 14: Use Brush to Paint some of the Shadow Part

If you feel the layer duplicated in Step 13 is not done properly, you can also use a brush to paint some of the shadow part of the text.(Optional)

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 15: Transform Tool

Again press Ctrl + T on ‘incredible’ layer and scale in the X direction by pressing ctrl + shift + drag for scaling in proportion.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 16: Use Levels

Now select the top most layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Levels ( Ctrl + L ) and make following changes as shown in the image below.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 17: Color Balance

To make the effect more cool and attractive, select the BG layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance (Ctrl + B) and make changes in the Color Levels of the Midtones. You can also play with the shadows and highlights part if you want.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 18: Crop the Image

Now crop the whole image by Crop tool (C), for making it more presentable.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 19: Lighting Effects

Add some light effects. Go to Filter > Render > Lighting Effects and make that ellipse as it is shown in the image below. You can play with the settings of the lighting effect in order to achieve some different result. This will make a cool light effect.

3D Text Effect Incredible

STEP 20: Using Curves

To highlight the text a little bit more we can add curves ( Ctrl+ M ) and draw the curves graph exactly like the way it has been mentioned in the image below to achieve the same effect. Here also you can play with the curves to achieve some different result. Press OK and your Final output is ready.

3D Text Effect Incredible

Here is the Final Output

3D Text Effect Incredible

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