Learn to Create A Fire Light Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop can be considered as a vivid software and it never fails to entice us with its various features and outcomes. We constantly try to bring fresh tutorials for our readers so that you can brush up your skills and learn something different with each tutorial

In today’s tutorial we will learn how to Create Stylish Fire Lines on a Girl’s image to make her look as if she is dancing amidst fire in the Space. You can click on the images to view larger version.

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  • Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Difficulty: Semi Advance
  • Time: 2-3 Hrs

Before and After



  1. Girl Image
  2. Space Image

Step 1

Open a new document with size 1600px x 1200px size and fill the BG layer with color code #4a5ef0.

plain BG

Step 2

Now open your girl picture and cut out girl’s image from picture with the help of pen tool (P). You can also use Lasso tool (L) or Wand tool (W) as per your convenience.

bring your picture

Step 3

Paste the picture above your background layer. Name this layer ‘girl’.

mask your character

Step 4

Manage some level of girl layer as below:


Step 5

Take your pen tool (P). Get a basic idea of where the fire is going to be. Keep in mind the dimension and action and make your fire. Take a new layer name it ‘fire’ and select that. Also take new path.

create path

Step 6

Now you need to select a hard mechanical brush (B) with 3px diameter. Pick an orange color and give stroke to your path. To do so, right click on your work path and select stroke path.

stroke path

Step 7

Erase the parts that are behind the body.

erase path

Step 8

Now apply some blending option to give more fire effect. Follow the setting as given below.

inner shadow

outer glow

inner glow

Step 9

After these effects you should have something like this.

present status

Step 10

Duplicate your ‘fire’ layer, keep only the outer glow blending option, and remove the other two, i.e. inner shadow and inner glow.


Step 11

Change your blend mode to overlay. After this merge both fire layers (Ctrl + E) together.


Step 12

For more effect make some more paths on other leg by taking a new layer and a new path layer. Name this layer as ‘fire2’ and ‘path 2’ respectively.


Step 13

Repeat Steps 6 to step 11 on your new path- ‘path2’.

repeat step

Step 14

Repeat Step 5 to step 11 for the Hands too.

repeat step

Step 15

For some scattering effect take a new layer and brush (B) with 3px diameter and the following settings:

create brush

Step 16

Chose color orange and draw some scattering lines as below and apply the same settings as step 8 to Step 10. After merging layers, you can also apply these setting for a better effect.

inner glow

Step 17

By now you will be having an image something like this.


Step 18

Now when our foreground is ready, we can start working on our background. For my background I added a simple space picture with opacity 67% above background and below our girl’s image.


Step 19

For an added effect I made a few more changes.
Copy your Space BG layer (Ctrl +J), keep it over your old layer and bring its opacity to 100%
Go to Image> Adjustments> Hue/ Saturation (Ctrl + U), check on the colorize option on bottom right side and do the below mentioned changes.


Step 20

Change the blending mode of the image to Overlay.


Final Image

And here is how the final image will look like.


Download PSD


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