40 Free PSD Website Templates

We all know how expensive PSD templates can get (and how hard they can be to find sometimes) which is exactly why we came up with this list for everyone. Not only are all these templates 100% free but they are also of the highest quality possible.

No, really. These are some very good PSD website templates that you can use however you see fit. They’ll look great on a basic site whether it is just your home page or you’re running a business online. Either way, we know there’s something here for you.

Before you move on though, we want to explain one thing. We have our list broken up into a few different sections which will hopefully make it easier for you to navigate through them. If it doesn’t, simply let us know in the comments section below and we’ll fix it.

Other than that, we hope you enjoy the list and are ready to get going with your new, free PSD website template.

Read on!

16 Individual PSD Templates

en Construccion Template


Free Template


Summer of Love






Organic conference


Vibrant Paints Template


Green Leaves PSD




Green psd Template


Destroy Ubuntu Template


Personal Page Template


My Personal Blog – WordPress Themed Template


Sunsite Book Layout


WordPress Theme PSD


Funkydesign Portfolio Template


PSD Pack

5 Webdesigns PSD Pack


19 Template PSD Pack



Did you like this list? We hope so! Be sure to let us know your thoughts on it below. We’d also love to hear which templates you liked the best and which ones you didn’t care for so much. We’re confident that you found at least one that you liked but…


If you didn’t, let us know. We may even do an entirely new list with new templates.


Wouldn’t that be cool? Yeah, we think so too!


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    Hey guys, I have coded two of the PSD templates listed here and you can download them here: http://www.code-pal.com/download/ I will keep coding more and more templates when ever I get time :) Those who want the xHTML/CSS templates along with the PSD files listed here are most welcome to download the template files :D

    @Slodive: I have linked to this article, in case if people come to my site looking for xhtml/css templates, they can also have access to this wonderful resource of psd site designs ;) Keep up the good work.. You are doing a gr8 job! *Thumbs Up*

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    well, to be more specefic you can always refer to sloive cos they have some cool web designing resources.. Other than that.. you can refer to nettuts.com and psdtuts.com But basically as SloDive's admin said, its google which will help you along the way. Basically you have to just follow some guidelines before starting a web site design. By guidelines I mean, the width of the site, the white spaces, how the text should appear etc etc… The rest is all your own creativity. All the best! And do share your work with us ;)

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