17 Photoshop Tutorials For Fun Photo Effects

Amateur and professional photographers alike use image editing software to make the most of their pictures. The most well known and popular image editing software, Photoshop, is an amazing tool that can help turn normal photos into stunning masterpieces. For those still learning their way around this program, Photoshop tutorials can come in pretty handy!

The following Photoshop tutorials can be used to add some amazing photo effects to images!

1. Smudge Oil Painting Effect

There are several Photoshop tutorials out there for how to turn a photo into an oil painting, and here’s one fantastic example! It can be a somewhat lengthy process, but the result is truly spectacular!

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2. Screen Jumping Photoshop Effect

Screen jumping effect Photoshop tutorials might come in handy if you have some awesome action shots that you want to enhance! This tutorial will show you how to make the subject of your photo look like it’s busting out of a television screen.

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3. Colorized Photo Effect

Learn how to colorize a photo with different colors with this simple Photoshop tutorial. This creates colorful and pretty photo effects.

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4. Retro Comic Book Effect

Looking for fun photo effects for your images? Turn you and your loved ones into retro comic book characters by just using a couple of filters!

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5. 1950’s Pinup Model Effect

What lady wouldn’t want to be a pinup model, even if it is just on paper? Learn how to turn a picture into a vintage pinup poster with a mixture of filters and blending modes.

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6. Vertical Photo Panels With Photoshop

These vertical photo panels make for a creative and unique Photoshop photo effect, and it’s one of the easier Photoshop tutorials on this list!

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

7. Grunge Photoshop Tutorial

If you’re more into grunge Photoshop tutorials, here’s an interesting grunge photo effect to try!

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

8. Change Hair Color in Photoshop

Colorful hair is a fun effect to play around with in Photoshop! There are Photoshop tutorials out there to show you how to lighten, darken, and add highlights to hair in photos, but I’m partial to rainbow hair myself!

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

9. Dispersion Photoshop Effect

This dispersion photo effect is an amazing eye catching effect! The subject of the photo actually looks like she’s being blown away with just a few tweaks in Photoshop.

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

10. Vintage Polaroid Photoshop Effect

Creating a vintage looking Polaroid style photo from a modern image gives it a fun old fashioned look and feel.

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

11. Text Portrait Photoshop Tutorial

There are tons of text Photoshop tutorials out there, but this has to be one of the coolest! Learn how to quickly and easily create a text portrait in Photoshop with this tutorial!

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

12. Selective Sepia Photoshop Tutorial

Turning just a portion of a photograph sepia can give it a completely new look and feel!

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

13. Selective Color Photoshop Tutorial

Create an amazing pop of color in a black and white photo by following selective color Photoshop tutorials!

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

14. Polaroid Collage Photoshop Tutorial

A photo collage effect is a fantastic effect to use to use on family and friends. It adds a carefree, fun, and personal touch

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

15. Sunglasses Reflection With Photoshop

Sometimes, photos with sunglasses don’t always turn out just right. Use this Photoshop tutorial to add any reflection you want to the sunglasses, whether it’s a beach or city skyline.

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

16. Shattering Face Photo Effect

A face shattering photo effect is a great way to turn a close up face shot into an amazing piece of Photoshop art!

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

17. Peeling Head Photoshop Effect

Few Photoshop tutorials, though, can help you create something as memorable or eye catching as this peeling head tutorial!

photoshop tutorialsImage Source

Mastering Photoshop won’t happen overnight. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you don;t get the results you want your first try. There are plenty of Photoshop tutorials out there to help you create amazing images, so be sure to take advantage of them!

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