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Though many people try to avoid it, boredom can allow us some much needed time to try new things and to organize our lives. Proven to be mentally helpful, boredom also provides us with new thoughts

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Serving as perhaps the most religious flower to date, and often used to symbolize remembrance, peacefulness, eternal life, and resurrection, poppy flowers are worn (in tattoo form) by many men and women all across the globe.

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Typically done through the lobe or helix with rounded rings, orbital piercings enter and exit two or more perforations of the ear. Though, due to the multiple entry areas, these piercings may sound difficult to obtain,

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While punctually they are used between two clauses or to indicate a pause, in tattoo form, they are used to express the power within yourself.  Dedicated to promoting hope and love from within, the semicolon tattoo

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