Apple Tablet Mock-Up Done Last Year For School Project Slay Them All!

These Apple Tablet mock-ups were created by designer Patrycjusz Brzezinski who resides in Poland. He named it the MacView and it appears it was created for a school project sometime last year. I’ve seen a lot

Jaw Dropping Digital Paintings By Alex Garner – I.D. 11

Alex gives us some great paintings that really push the limits of digital design. Every time I see his work I know I need to work harder on my designs though. Give them a look, get

Create A Realistic Moon With Photoshop

Stock images can be great for creating quick scenes but sometimes it can be just as easy to create the object from scratch. I know it’s much more gratifying for me, so let’s find out exactly

Inspiration Dose 10 – Conceptual Digital Artwork by Thomas Tibitanzl

Thomas Tibitanzl is a self-taught Graphic Designer/Digital Artist and Web Designer, who currently lives in Germany. His philosophy is to create unique individual designs with innovative elements that tell a story with a message. All of

12 Unique 404 Error Page Designs

Fortunately I don’t end up on 404 pages very often but when I do, it’s nice to see something that had some thought put into it. Actually I’m usually just happy that a site actually has

16 HQ Painted Wallpapers – Animal Edition

Animals are cute, lovable, and make great desktop wallpaper. For those of you that like a softer look then check out these adorable paintings. Maybe next week we’ll do something a bit more graphic to counter

Inspiration Dose 9 – Crazy Photo Manipulations by Sebastian Niedlich

Who doesn’t love some awesome photo manipulations and Sebastian Niedlich takes these to a whole new level. Ultra cool and kinda creepy these creations really spark the imagination into overdrive.

The Top Overlooked Photoshop Tutorials of 2009

The quality of Photoshop tutorials seems to increase year after year and 2009 was no exception. After going through quite a few ourselves, below are a handful that really caught our attention but may have been