Create A Realistic Video iPod Nano In Photoshop

Learn how to paint / recreate an object in Photoshop from an existing photo. This is a great exercise for working on your layer structure and pen tool skills. Breaking down the object and being able

Exclusive Halloween Wallpaper Free To Our Readers

Halloween is right around the corner, so to help get you in the spirit, Artkas Design has made an exclusive Halloween wallpaper exclusive to the SloDive community.

Halloween Fun: Celebrity Mug Shots With Beatdown Makeover

Photoshop is great in so many ways but one of my favorite uses of the program is giving people a fun little makeover.

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Inspiration Dose 4 – Breath Taking Digital Art by Phil McDarby

You know those people that can do it all and do it better than most. Just mastering any one program is hard enough but being able to go from 3d software to photography and then kill

8 Hand Drawn Icon Sets For Bloggers

The hand drawn look as definitely taken over design since the predictions began last year. Makes you wonder if the design sites had not covered it so much, would it be so big now? Whatever the

Photoshop Cheatsheets & Our Must Know Shortcuts

It took me years to really understand the full power of shortcuts in Photoshop. For me, as long as I could do what I wanted to do then it don’t matter if I had to go

Adobe & The Future of Multitouch

Experience Designer Julie Meridian and Computer Scientist Tim Kukulski discuss the future of Adobe and multitouch, and showcase XDs cutting-edge multitouch.