Ten Cinema 4D Video Tutorials To Get You Up & Running In 3D

Of all the 3D software programs available C4D is said to be the easiest to learn and the most intuitive which is why the program has absolutely taken off. It’s almost become an extension to Photoshop

Inspiration Dose 5 – The Designs of Radim Malinic

Radim Malinic has firmly established himself over the last few years as one of the most successful and prolific commercial illustrators working today. His sought after work has earned him reputation of one of the hardest

16 Realistic Character Design Illustrations

Take some 3D software and mix in some creative suite products and you have an unstoppable combination. While the end result produces a 2D image the fact that the base is built with programs like Zbrush

13 Creative and Beautiful Blog Designs

We love sites that break away from the norm and aren’t afraid to challenge traditional navigation techniques in way of making something unique and creative. With that being said, unless you are a musician, artist, or

24 Inspiring Graffiti Designs

I have to admit I can’t read graffiti writing and don’t really even understand the concept but I love looking at it. It’s big, bold, and a lot of times illegal which kind of excites me.

Street Artist Mark Jenkins Creates Hysteria From Randomly Placed Sculptures

I absolutely love Marks work and he has just added some more pieces to his online collection. Oddly enough he was in my home town presenting his latest work which were placed just a few blocks

Create A Realistic Video iPod Nano In Photoshop

Learn how to paint / recreate an object in Photoshop from an existing photo. This is a great exercise for working on your layer structure and pen tool skills. Breaking down the object and being able

Exclusive Halloween Wallpaper Free To Our Readers

Halloween is right around the corner, so to help get you in the spirit, Artkas Design has made an exclusive Halloween wallpaper exclusive to the SloDive community.