WordPress: Not Just About Blogging but Something More!

We very well know that “nothing remains constant in this world,” therefore, WordPress has successfully evolved itself as a tool to create a complete website of your own. And there is no denying to the fact

Cool Movie Fan Art to Keep You Fresh – I.D. 35

Movies are an integral part of our life. It teaches us to fantasize and to live for our dreams. You can see embossment of movies in our day to day life. For many designers, movies leave

25 Top Free MAC Apps For Graphic Designers

There are also many free applications out there that can do the same kind of job that Photoshop could do for you. This article rounds up the best 25 free Mac Programs for Graphic Designers. Some

Wonderful Digital Illustrations by Jason Juta – I.D. 34

Jason Juta is a digital illustrator, concept artist and photographer based in London, UK. A truly multi talented professional, he has worked with WotC (Gamma World, Dungeon magazine), Alderac Entertainment, Fantasy Flight Games (Eclipse Phase rpg

Applications of AIDA In Website Designing

Marketing is a very broad term and holds a lot of importance in this cut-throat competition of online business. “The main point to remember about selling things is that besides creating atmosphere and excitement about your

Tremendous FanArt by Kuroi Tsuki – I.D. 33

Kuroi Tsuki is an Illustrator from Canada, currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. His magnificent work leaves no option but to kudos. He might be in his early twenties, but his work shows an expression of seasoned

16 Best Chrome Addons For Power Blogging

Google chrome is a powerpacked web browser. Its a vibrant and easy to use browser. It has proved itself to be the fastest browser and now picking up its market pace on even a faster pace.

Poised Illustrations Drawn by Paul Kidby – I.D 32

Paul Kidby, born in Northolt in 1964, had developed his artistic skills since his childhood. Although he is a trained dental technician but his passion for scored over other things and he started freelancing in 1986