Marketing Tip: Consider Video When Marketing to Twitter Users

Twitter has emerged as an online Video Power broker. This is because it has been noticed that not only is Twitter the top referrer for most video sites but Twitter traffic tends to watch the videos

Mind Blowing Digital Works of Designer Kratos

Kratos is a native of Iraq who is living in Syria. A promising designer, his heart beats for photoshop. You shall be amazed to see his creative work. He works in a Game Company as a

11 Best Sites to Find and Download Free Fonts for Windows & Mac OSX

We know every designer has a different taste in choosing font for their typography work. Selection of fonts becomes very important both for web designers and developers as visibility and readability of font are very significant

Breathtaking Digital Art by Michael Kutsche – I.D. 39

Michael Kutsche is a well known diverse German artist based in Los Angeles, California. He is a equally famous for both digital & traditional media. His distinguish approach in character designing has won him many accolades

12 Best WebSites to Have Fun With Your Pics

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Remton has amazed us many a times with his super skills as an Illustration. Whether it is sci-fi art or depicting the facial expressions of a warrior, he is equally good in demonstrating both the things.

25 Fresh Illustrator Tutorials to Help You Make Icons

Being a designer, you must have got queries from your clients regarding Icon designing. But some of you may not be sure how to proceed further to accomplish the project as you have never tried your

Stunning Paintings by Pierrick Martinez – I.D. 37

Pierrick Martinez is an Illustrator based in East of France. He likes Drawing, Karate, Music, and Cinema. His favorite style of art is Speed painting. He uses variety of color from dark to light, from purple