30 Amazing Business Flash Websites

When viewing a website there are two things I look for. I want a page that loads fast and is straight to the point but I want it to look good too. Is it possible to

Breathtaking Traditional Digital Paintings by Vitalik – I.D. 23

Vitalik is another Deviant artist from the Ukraine who has posted very little about himself online and lets his paintings do the talking for him. His choice of bold and vibrant colors is what really draws

60 Fresh High Resolution Textures (April Edition)

We’ve rounded up the best and latest free high resolution textures for this month and posted below. Now get to it and start saving these in your library for future projects.

Awesome Illustrations by Jang Keun Chul Artworks – I.D. 22

Jang is from South Korea and another great example of the talent that resides at Deviant Art. He uses Painter & Photoshop as his tools of choice and looks like he is very strong in the

50 Business Cards Designs That Break The Mold

I gotta be honest, just the other day I was questioning the validity of business cards in this digital age. Do they still serve a purpose and get the job done? I can pass or obtain

Fantastic Conceptual Art by Jae-Cheol Park – I.D. 21

Besides his beautiful artwork I have been able to find very little about Jae-Cheol Park. Most of the sites he appears on are in a foreign language and if I had to guess would say Japanese?

New Content – Aware Fill Feature Coming To Photoshop Will Blow Your Mind

Adobe just posted this sneak peek video on it’s blog showcasing a feature called Content-Aware Fill that they’ve been hard at work on. Seriously this is some jaw draw dropping footage.

Splendid Artwork By Paul Mellender – I.D. 20

Paul Mellender is from the west coast of the United States and is completely self taught. A lot of his work has religious themes and characteristics but Paul is actually agnostic. His love for history is