4 Design Tips to Beautify Your Business Blog and Improve Functionality

Blogging is an art form that has exploded in the last two decades with the rise of self-publishing and Internet content creation. There isn’t a more frequently used buzzword today than “content” when it comes to website design and efficacy. This

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When it comes to dying hair, some women want to step away from the norm, and go with something that is really outrageous. How about the color orange? Would that not be a really crazy color for a man or woman

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A long time ago, a movie came out that featured a song talking about rainbows, and how these colorful arches of light just make everything better. The movie, which was the Wizard of Oz, is a truly magical movie that may

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Eagles are beautiful and majestic creatures that are a symbol of the United States. However, eagles are also rare and special birds that have come to symbolize many things including survival and strength. Some people love eagles so much they decide

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These days, women are going to nail salons, or buying nail art kits, and doing their nails in all kinds of fun and crazy ways with plenty of decorations and sparkle. However, some women prefer to hae a more classic look

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One of the most patriotic holiday that the United States celebrates is the 4th of July! Some people are very proud of the fact they are American, and go ahead and get a tattoo to show off their American pride. We

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The world has soccer fever right now, but there are times when people do love and follow soccer other than with the World Cup. Some people follow soccer all year long, and even get a tattoo to show their soccer loyalty.