16 Simple Nail Art for Long Nails Ideas

Short nails are definitely becoming popular these days! But, that doesn’t mean that girls with long nails are disappearing! Long nails are still around, and many women still prefer long feminine nails over shorter nail stubs. In many ways, nail art

18 Scary Scorpion Tattoo Design Ideas

The scorpion has been a creature of interest since the beginning of recorded history. It’s a fierce creature, ready to stand and fight whenever it feels threatened. The scorpion’s pincers and venom filled ail make it a force to be reckoned

24 Awesome Ways to Wear Orange Nail Art Designs

Orange isn’t your typical nail polish color. Most women rarely use orange nail polish, reserving it for an accent color or Halloween. However, orange nail art designs don’t have to be left on the shelf. There are plenty of great design

15 Good Luck Black Cat Tattoo Ideas

Black cats are often seen as omens of bad luck. When a black cat crosses your path, you’re supposed to hope and pray that you won’t be plagued with unfortunate events. Despite this, black cats still remain objects of affection and

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Music has a number of effects on those who listen to it on a regular basis. It can reduce stress, for instance, or expand their creative abilities. Certain songs can also bring back memories, even those that have been buried deep

15 Fun and Simple Tattoo Design Ideas

It’s not uncommon these days for a person in love with body art to get inked with a massive tattoo spreading across a huge expanse of skin. More often than not, these tattoos are packed with colors and minute details. Although

15 Fantastic Fall Nail Art Designs

With the end of summer, the bright colors, pastels, and neon nail polishes usually get traded in for fall colors. Autumn is a fantastic time to bring out darker, deeper hues, particularly jewel tones like burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue.

21 Brilliant Bright Hair Color Ideas for Bangs

Bright hair color ideas are quickly gaining popularity these days. Rainbow colored hair isn’t just for rebellious teenagers anymore either. Men and women of all ages are looking for eye catching bright hair color ideas! Whether you choose a bright pink,