10 Pretty Pastel Nail Designs

For some people in the United States right now, the temperature does not feel at all like winter. Some parts of the US are already having spring-like weather with the temperature in the 60s and 70s. Because spring is already in

13 Pretty Pastel Green Hairstyle Pictures

Back in the olden days, women did not have a lot of choices when it came to the colors for their hair. Women could dye their hair the basic colors of black, brown, blonde, and red, but that was really it.

11 Cool Copper Nail Designs

When it comes to doing their nails, women love the look of metallic nails. Though some women love gold and silver, but copper is also another great metallic color that can make the nails look amazing. Copper has a little more

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There are literally millions of designs that people can get tattooed on their bodies, and every single design has a special significance for the person that has it. One of the most unusual tattoo designs is to have an apple put

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When it comes time to get a tattoo, some people go for something very meaningful because it is going to last a lifetime. There are millions of meaningful tattoos that people want to get, but typically, anything tribal is considered to

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Back in the 1980s, Molly Ringwald was the biggest star in the world, and everyone came to adore the young woman with the bright red hair. However, as time went on, Molly Ringwald pulled back a little bit from Hollywood, but

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The first Despicable Me movie introduced the world to cute little yellow creatures called the minions. The minions were basically the workers for Gru, the world’s greatest villain, and everyone fell in love with how cute they were, and the distinct

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Back in the 1980s, a young girl with dark hair, and big brown eyes, starred in a movie called Beetlejuice with Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis, and the world was suddenly aware of Winona Ryder and her unique sense