18 Clever Nerdy Tattoo Designs for Brainiacs

During the 80′s and 90′s, the words “geek” and “nerd” were considered to be negative terms. Oddly enough, an interest in learning or technology, or even a high intellect, was considered to be “uncool”. With the rise of technology and the

20 Perfectly Simple Short Nails Nail Art Designs

Short nails are becoming much more popular these days. Not only are they easier to take care of, but it’s also easier to perform some tasks with sort nails. And, it’s always nice not to have to worry about breaking a

22 Memorable Pet Rat Tattoo Designs

Most people think of rats as dirty vermin, which should only be eradicated. A select few open-minded and unique individuals, though, understand the amazing value of keeping these fun loving furry creatures as pets! Rats, as pets, are intriguing creatures. Anyone

16 Perfectly Glam Glitter Gradient Nail Art Designs

Glitter nail polish is feminine and gorgeous, and glitter nail polish designs have come and gone for years. Some women hate glitter, while others adore it. One thing’s for sure, though—glitter nail art can look absolutely stunning and super trendy when

12 Hard Core Gun Tattoo Designs for Men

Gun tattoo designs are popular choices among some men. A gun tattoo can have many different meanings, depending on who’s wearing it. Some men see gun tattoos as a symbol of rebellion, for instance, while others may see it as a

14 Bright and Easy Neon Green Nail Art Designs

Neon colors make a bold statement when painted on the nails! Neon green nails lead the back in terms of brightness and boldness, and they’re fun nails to paint any time of year. However, plain Jane neon green nails can get

Green Hair Color Ideas That Just Might Work

Green hair is dreaded by blonde swimmers everywhere. The chlorine in pools is known for turning light hair into an ugly shade of dull green. This is one of the reasons that some people tend to shy away from green hair

16 Sweet Cherry Nail Art Designs

Cherry nail art is a fun and cute nail art design to try! Cherry nails are also pretty simple to create, so they’re a good choice for just about anyone who wants to paint nails in a fun design, from novices