10 Scary Skull and Bone Nail Designs

Every year for Halloween, all kinds of decorations including skulls, crossbones, and full skeletons are used. Why not take those cool bone designs and put them on your fingernails to celebrate the fact its Halloween? We have found a lot of

10 Cool Candy Corn Nail Designs

One of the best part of Halloween is the candy that the kids get when they go trick or treating. A very popular kind of candy, other than chocolate, is the famous candy corns with their orange, yellow, and white stripes.

10 Halloween Spider Nail Designs

Halloween time means for all kind of fun things like spiders, ghosts, goblins, and other scary stuff. During this time of year, women love to decorate their nails with all kinds of Halloween items, and we have searched high and low

12 Terrifying Jason Voorhees Tattoos

Halloween is right around the corner, and one of the most popular costumes out there is Jason Voorhees. The reason why the Jason Voorhees is so popular is because there are quite a few Friday the 13th movies. Also, the Jason

10 Lovely Light Blue Fingernail Designs

One of the most popular colors out there is blue, and there are so many different shades of it that it can be tough to pick one for your fingernails. However, one great shade that would look nice on fingernails is

11 Radiant Rabbit Tattoos

People love animals, and sometimes they love animals so much they decide to get a tattoo of those furry little creatures that make them so happy and relaxed. One of the calmest, and cutest, animals around are bunny rabbits with their

10 Neat Native American Ankle Tattoos

People who have a certain heritage in their family might be very proud of who they are, and the best way to show it, is to get a tattoo that shows the world just what that heritage is. A good example

10 Terrific Teddy Bear Nail Designs

Teddy bears are very popular because they are cute, cuddly, and there is just something about a sweet bear’s face that makes people feel good. For those women that feel they are too grown up to carry around a bear, they