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Water marble nail art is one of those nail art techniques that looks absolutely amazing! It may look like it takes tons of time and patience to get this look, but in reality, it’s actually a relatively easy and quick nail

16 Pieces of Anatomical Jewelry That Will Blow Your Mind

For some people, your typical jewelry just doesn’t cut it. The cute little gold hearts and diamond earrings are pretty and sparkly, but they lack a certain pizzazz! For the more unique-minded, for those cerebral beings, there’s always anatomical jewelry! There

14 Vibrant Orange Nail Art Designs for Summer

Orange nail art is rather unexpected sometimes. Orange isn’t usually a color that we see gracing the nails, which makes it that much better, especially if you’re looking or something a little unique! Most of us probably tend to think of

15 Hauntingly Beautiful and Creepy Human Tooth Jewelry Examples

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13 Colorful and Creative Rainbow Nail Designs

Rainbows aren’t an everyday occurrence. The conditions have to be just right to get a glimpse of a natural rainbow. That’s too bad too, since a burst of rainbow colors can brighten any day and cheer up even the worst moods.

12 Stunning and Powerful Dragon Eye Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoos are quite popular among both men and women. These mythical beasts symbolize power, strength, royalty, wisdom, and protection. It’s not a wonder that so many people are drawn to dragons for their tattoos. In fact, some people may feel

10 Sweet and Romantic Nail Design Ideas

Some days just call for some sweet and romantic nail art designs. Whether you’re celebrating a special day, like an anniversary or wedding, or you’re just in a lovey mood, a romantic nail design is just the thing! Romantic nail art