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One animal that is considered spooky all year long is the black cat. Whenever some people see a black cat, they think that they are going to get bad luck, and some people actually love black cats so much that they

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Frankenstein started out as a book written back in the 1800s, and believe it or not, one of the most terrifying movie monsters in the world was originally created by a woman. The first Frankenstein movie came out in the 1930s,

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During the month of October, people prepare for Halloween, which is the last day of the month. For 30 days, people do things like decorate their homes with scary items, watch scary movies, and look for the perfect costume that will

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The best part about Halloween is the fact that people get to dress up as all kinds of scary things. While dressing up is a lot of fun, some women are not able to wear a costume, but like to dress