16 Tasty Food Nail Art Designs

Sometimes the same old nail art designs get a little old and boring. If you’re sick of the same old designs, mix up your nail art routine with some tasty food nail art! Food nail art isn’t the norm, but it’s

21 Inspired Mechanic Tattoo Design Ideas

Most people choose tattoo designs that mean something to them, and mechanics are no exception! Mechanic tattoo design ideas, not surprisingly, typically include elements like automobile parts or tools. Pistons and wrenches, for instance, and popular mechanic tattoos. Whether you’re a

10 Crazy Clever Tattoo Fixes

Here at SloDive, we’re all about expressing yourself with body art. Tattoos, for instance, are a great way to express your individuality, decorate your body, and show your love and passion for something. Tattoos are a permanent reminder of a special

24 Sweet and Sassy Mint Nails

Mint nails are a fun and trendy shade for spring and summer. This green color is a soft pastel shade of green, making it a subtle and feminine shade. Painting your nails a plain mint green shade is pretty, but a

16 Stunning and Powerful Animal Tribal Tattoos

At one time, tribal tattoos were mainly worn just by members of tribes around the world and help significant cultural meanings. These days, though, tribal tattoos can be worn by nearly anyone looking to get inked, including both men and women.

10 Studious Back to School Nails

Back to school time is finally here! Kids will soon be pouring into the classroom with their crisp new threads and shiny new sneakers. Tween and teens girls can also accessorize and celebrate the first days of school with some super

18 Clever Nerdy Tattoo Designs for Brainiacs

During the 80′s and 90′s, the words “geek” and “nerd” were considered to be negative terms. Oddly enough, an interest in learning or technology, or even a high intellect, was considered to be “uncool”. With the rise of technology and the

20 Perfectly Simple Short Nails Nail Art Designs

Short nails are becoming much more popular these days. Not only are they easier to take care of, but it’s also easier to perform some tasks with sort nails. And, it’s always nice not to have to worry about breaking a