25 Awesome Skeleton Tattoos

While many people stay far away from skeleton and skull tattoos, fearing that they represent negativity, anger, or death in some way, others view them very positively, and use them to symbolize the celebration of life.

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If you are looking for a creative hobby or a productive way to pass the time, origami designs may be of interest. Origami designs are very neat and fun to make, also, there are a lot

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Referred to many times in Norse Mythology, the Kraken is a mythical sea creature, powerful enough to cause rogue waves and sink large ships. While many people believe the stories to be true and fear the

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A huge hit amongst sailors, beach lovers, and sea goers, boat tattoos provide luck to those in need of direction, and are often very unique pieces of art. Not only are there many different design options

20 Superb Blessed Tattoos

In order to properly express their gratitude and gratefulness towards life, many people choose to get blessed tattoos. Often accompanied by spiritual fonts, bible verses, or crosses, these tattoos are considered to be predominantly faith based,

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In addition to being one of the most well-known freelancing platforms in the world, Upwork is also a place for inexperienced freelance workers to build a quality reputation. Since most outside companies get a surplus of

30 Eye-Catching Mandala Tattoo Designs

Often represented by a circle, mandala tattoos symbolize balance, wholeness, and perfection. Though they are used in almost every religion, mandalas are especially popular amongst Hindus and Buddhists, aiming to reach a higher level of awareness.

25 Gel Nail Designs

Often preferred over acrylic nails due to their long-lasting durability, gel nail designs are beautifully glossy and extremely popular. Whether you are looking for nails that won’t soon have to be re-done, or nails that simply