10 Beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch Hairstyles

Benedict Cumerbatch is a talented actor with a memorable name. Cumberbatch has not shied away from unusual roles, and there is very little that he can’t handle behind the camera including a famous detective or a computer-generated dragon. Cumberbatch recently announced

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These days, the funniest things can be popular. Some people are really into big funny mustaches, and there are many things including t-shirts and necklaces that have big mustaches on them. Everyone loves mustaches! However, what about fingernails? Don’t think that

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Kristen Stewart won the hearts of everyone around the world when she appeared as Bella Swan in the very popular Twilight series of movies. She and Robert Pattinson played the doomed lovers in the movies, and she has been in the

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Green is the color of money, and the most predominant color found in nature. However, green is not always appealing to everyone, but there are ways to make green a glorious color that any woman would love to put on their

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Robert Pattinson got his big break in Hollywood when he played in one of the mega popular Harry Potter series of films. After his performance there, the world knew who he was, and then he went on to played Edward Cullen

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The fun thing about having long fingernails is the fact you can do practically anything with them! Some women like to paint them with plain colors, while others love to do things like decorate their fingernails with all kinds of really

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Leonardo DiCaprio has been acting since he was a young teenager. Starting off on the hit show Growing Pains, and then going on to star in the biggest movie in the world, Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio has played a lot of very

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Miley Cyrus is the daughter of a very famous man named Billy Ray Cyrus, who became an overnight sensation for a song he did a long time ago called Achy Breaky Heart. Billy Ray Cyrus could sing, and his musical talent