12 Stunning Starfish Nail Designs

There are many parts of the beach that some women love like the shells and the starfish. Anyone that loves the beach will often collect things like shells and starfish, but what about if you want to put starfish on your

10 Cool Camouflage Nail Designs

Back in the day, the military were the only people that had access to camouflage because it was so vital to keeping soldiers safe. As time marched on, camouflage was then open the hunters, and finally, camouflage became available to anyone,

11 Pretty Purple Nail Designs

There is something really cool about the color purple because it is a color that can be something that either men or women can wear. Purple is also known as the color of royalty, which does really make it a unique

10 Marvelous Madonna Hairstyles

Madonna has been on the music scene for over 30 years, and during that time, she has made hit songs, and she has also changed the world in terms of fashion. Other than her talented voice, Madonna has made headlines for

13 Incredible Titanic Tattoo Designs

The RMS Titanic was the biggest ship in the world in 1912, and on its maiden voyage, the ship struck an iceberg and sank. There were many both rich and poor people on the Titanic, and its loss was a huge

11 Nice Navy Blue Nail Designs

When it comes to fingernails, some of the more popular designs involve dark colors like black, dark brown, and also navy blue. However, women may see navy blue as too dark, but that is really not true at all considering all

10 Simple Fish Tattoos

For people who have a lot of faith, they want to express their beliefs in a way that sets them apart from other believers. With the Catholic faith, the symbol of the simple fish means Jesus Christ, and the design is

Joanna Krupa Leaked Photos

Anyone that is married can tell their single friends and family members just how tough it is to be married, but imagine if the marriage takes place on a reality television show that millions of people watch every week? Imagine having