15 Awe-Inspiring Anatomical Heart Tattoo Designs

Heart tattoo designs are quite common and popular. The familiar symbol is know worldwide as a symbol of love. For some, though, a typical heart tattoo is simply too cliche, overdone, or plain. For those looking for edgier and more unique

17 Beautiful Blue and Gold Nail Art Designs

Gold nail polish should be a staple for any nail art enthusiast. It makes a beautiful and luxurious accent color for nearly every other nail color, and it’s the go-to polish color for festive party nails. Gold goes especially well with

15 Unique Barcode Tattoo Designs

Barcodes are everywhere—there’s no doubt about that! Because of this, barcode tattoo designs have become rather popular tattoo designs over the years, especially recently. Both men and women get barcode tattoos. Some barcode tattoos are just simple designs with the symbol’s

13 Gorgeous Emerald Green Nail Art Designs

Emerald green is a dark, rich hue. It’s similar to a forest green color, but emerald green is considered to be more of a jewel tone than an earth tone. Because of its dark and luxurious hue, emerald green makes a

12 Heartwarming Handwriting Tattoo Designs

Many people get tattoos that mean something to them. This might include a symbolic images, names, or other items. One of the most unique tattoo ideas that a person can consider, though, is a handwriting tattoo. A person’s handwriting, like their

12 Star Wars Nails That Are Out of This World

Star Wars has a cult following, even today, almost 40 years after the first movie came out. The films are some of the highest grossing movies of all time, and new Star Wars movies are still being released, spawning new generations

20 Tantilizing Tattoo and Piercing Combinations

A tattoo and piercing, each by itself, is beautiful body art and a great way to express your style and enhance your appearance. It’s not uncommon for a person to have both a tattoo and piercing. In fact, body art enthusiasts

14 Sexy Short Black Hairstyles for Women

Short black hairstyles for women can be stunning and beautiful! And, short hair is usually much easier than long hair to style and take care of, making it more and more popular among busy women. Some women may believe that a