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Harley Davidson is one of the biggest manufacturers of motorcycles in the world, and both men and women love to climb onto a Harley Davidson and go zooming down the road with the wind in their hair. If you are a

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Leopards are a beautiful animal with spots that occur naturally, and the design is so popular that people are often buying leopard print everything. Women love the leopard design so much that some of them ask their nail salon to do

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Iron Man is a famous comic book hero that was only recently turned into a trilogy of very popular movies starring Robert Downey Junior as the man in the iron suit, and also the billionaire Tony Stark. The quality of the

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Lady Gaga came into the world with a strong voice, and a style all her own. Every time Lady Gaga is in public, she is always dressed in unusual clothing, and her hair is almost always just as unique. We have

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When it comes to comic book heroes, there are tons of men that have been depicted as being the one in cape and tights rescuing those that are in trouble. However, there are just as many women that are also shown

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Katy Perry is a very talented singer that has conquered the world with her strong voice and sense of style. She is known for her hairstyles, and she has literally changed her hair at least a dozen times over if not

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Roses are a very famous flower, and they come in so many colors that they truly do seem magical as well as beautiful. However, the problem with roses is that they can be tough to grow, need a lot of care,

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There are just some movies that are instant classics whether they are for kids or for adults. One of the most popular movies ever was from the company called Pixar, and it was the tale of toys that were alive, and