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Is someone close to you getting married, and do you want to celebrate the wedding with beautiful words? Elegantly framed thoughts in a congratulatory message, say how much you care. Wedding wishes are a wonderful way to greet the couple as

26 Exquisite Butterfly Tattoos For 2013

Butterflies signify freedom and tattoos mean endorsements of ideas. Embalming butterflies on the body signifies success, prosperity and prestige in many cultures in the world. Butterflies signify a lot of energy and enthusiasm and denote a sense of freedom. When we

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Society has associated femininity and sexual appeal of a woman to her long tresses since ancient time, but during 1960’s ¬†women begun experimenting with shorter hairstyles. The pixie and the boy cut were the rage of 1960’s. Today, short hairstyles are

42 Valentines Day Poems You Can Definitely Use

Valentine’s Day celebrates the beauty and joy of love. If you love someone, you can tell them that you want them as your valentine. You can give your loved one something special to show how much you care. Sweet words of

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The cross is an enigmatic symbol in the way it pulls contraries together. The horizontal and the vertical lines come together in the neat shape of a Christian cross. With their primitive energy and bold natural style, tribal art gives a

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Are you looking for cool permanent ink designs for guys? Want a stunning design that becomes a precious keepsake on your skin? A tattoo is a great way to reveal your deep beliefs and dreams to the world. Highlight different sides