27 Meaningful Word Tattoos For 2013

Tattoo art often showcases words, phrases or sentences that are meaningful for the tattoo wearer. Word tattoos cover a wide range, from simply inked cursive font tattoos, to capital letter designs with angles and sharp curves. The design contributes to the

30 Simple WordPress Themes

Ever thought of overhauling your blog’s entire look? Well, most bloggers reach that state of mind at some point. If you’re on that spot right now, you should take a moment and scroll down to see if you’d like to grab

May 2013 – Constant Comment Contest Winners

With every passing day, the comments are increase in leaps and bounds and we are overwhelmed with the amazing response we get on each article we make for you. The pouring of comments soon after the publication of an article indicates

46 Cultured Henna Designs

Henna designs offer an artistic way to decorate your body with gorgeous motifs. You can get your hands and arms decorated with intricate henna patterns and watch them fade gradually over time. The rich dye from the henna leaves has been

26 Stylish Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles For 2013

Are you looking for ultra glamorous hairstyles inspired by Kimberley Caldwell? Famed for her American Idol performances, Kimberley also makes waves with her hair fashion. This pretty lady has a long face with angular features, and she uses various haircuts to

28 Saintly Jesus Tattoos For 2013

Jesus, with his deep love and passion for all of mankind, makes for a powerful symbol in tattoos. One of the most popular Christian symbols, Jesus Tattoos express the myriad shades of Jesus Christ. The story of Jesus is rich in

23 Dainty Fairy Tattoos For 2013

Tattoos showing fairies express secret fantasies and desires as they spread their magic on the skin. The graceful fairies with their magical powers look delightful in tattoo designs. Fairies are often inked on the wearer’s feet, shoulder or upper arm. The

32 Quick and Easy Hairstyles For School For 2013

School is where you spend a large part of your day, so you naturally want to look stylish among your friends. There are many Easy Hairstyles For School, requiring little other than basic tying or brushing. Fabulous and fresh, these hairstyles