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Mehndi is an old Indian traditional art form in which henna is applied in an artistic decorative way on hands or legs designed to aesthetically please the eyes. It usually symbolizes ceremonial or celebratory art form that has in origin in

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Tattoos are an expression of a person’s imagination. They represent a person’s inner soul and creativity in a visually appealing fashion. Getting a beloved’s name inked or symbolizing one’s faith in the form of body art, whatever be the reason a

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All of us make friends once we step out in the outer world from our family cocoon and go on making throughout our life. However there is one friend that god gifts us in form of a family member. Yes, you

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While tattooing a text, the choice of font is important. Choosing the right font would require substantial decision-making as there are different kinds of fonts available. The fonts can be categorized into two types, the straight and the cursive. Here, various

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A sister is a special person in everyone’s life. Whether younger or elder, she is there to fill your life with joy and fun. Anyone who does not have a sister knows what is the real worth of this sweet sibling

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Do you feel out-of-place and lost on a daily basis? Has it become a habit with you to ponder over the meaning of your existence? Well, then there are very good chances that your life sucks. All of us know that

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These days, a sense of style is a pretty big deal for kids. If you want to be a head turner as you walk through the school corridor, a new hairstyle is a great idea. To start the year on a

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Women make our life complete. This statement is so obvious that it cannot be attributed to any particular individual and in all probability, does not qualify as a quote either. The women in our life have various names; mother, wife, girlfriend,