25 Colorful Boho Hairstyles

Next time you want a change over, try the fun-loving Boho look. The Boho is the relaxed, fun-loving style of the 70’s. Get into a flowy skirt with a large handbag and espadrilles. You can complete this look by choosing one

25 Unique Wedding Tattoos

Have you ever thought of celebrating your wedding day with a tattoo? Your pattern and you can have complementary tattoos or similar ones. There are several wedding tattoos to choose from.You could have a cupid struck with an arrow, eternal love

30 Staggering Retro Hairstyles

When you want a different look that will get you noticed at a function, one of these retro hairstyles is worth trying out. A retro hairstyle usually has waves, curls and puffs that enhance a simple hairstyle. The use of bandanas

45 Unbelievable Angel Tattoos

Why do people get Angel Tattoos? The answer to this question rests in the understanding that there are many who believe in angels. Many have reportedly felt the presence of an invisible guardian angel surrounding him or her. Many have recognized

35 Sweet Family Portrait Ideas

You have a wonderful time with your family at a function or a holiday. After some years the pleasant memories may fade a bit or are overshadowed by other memories. When you feel like walking down the path of nostalgia, a

25 Encouraging Wall Decorating Ideas

A wall that is decorated differently from the other sides will prevent monotony. A little imagination and some creativity can transform a room into something really attractive. One doesn’t necessarily need expensive items to make the change. In fact, the simpler

25 Fabulous Edgy Hairstyles

If you think regular hairstyles are passe and are looking for something more exciting and original get adventurous with your hair fashion. These days it is okay to not have hair that is perfectly balanced and smoothly flowing on both sides

25 Exciting Leg Tattoos For Women

The beauty of a woman’s legs gets enhanced when she gets inked with pretty tattoo designs. The artwork as it curves gracefully along the fine calves gives a unique sense of self-expression to a woman. The softness of flowers, the liveliness