27 Emotional and Sad Break Up Quotes

Emotions are that element of life, where everything is expressed in a cliched manner. Emotions dominate our everyday life and make sure we are able to vent our feelings in a proper way. Meetings are a pleasure, and partings are sad.

24 Stylish Rib Tattoos For 2013

The side of the body is a great place for permanent ink designs. Tattoo artists enjoy creating beautiful designs on the elongated surface of the ribs. You often find the rib tattoo designs closely following the contours of the body. Vertical

26 Tasteful Hand Tattoo Designs

It is interesting to be able to expose our innermost emotions in a free manner. Emotions are an expression of the mind and it is very easy to express it if we know how best we can show our true selves.

36 Magazine Style WordPress Themes

The internet is a powerful medium of communication. Despite being the latest entrant on the communication platform, it has acquired the most number of users. Its wide reach, ease of access and constant upgradation are factors that set it apart from

28 Notable Quotes About Being Crazy

Most people fear being crazy as it means losing control over oneself. Yet, as several quotes about being crazy shows, craziness is sometimes necessary. This kind of craziness takes us to that next level, or makes us break out of conventional

26 Picturesque Swallow Tattoo Designs For 2013

The swallow is a popular bird motif in tattoo art. The graceful form with the forked tail creates elegant tattoo designs. The swallow can be inked on its own, or as a part of a larger design. The smooth flow of

26 Gangsta Tattoos for Tough Guys

The world of street crime is brutal and fast-faced with many lives lost in gang rivalry. Tattoos often depict the dangerous and ruthless world of street gangs. The designs showcase the exciting and edgy life of gangsters. People, who choose a

28 Elegant Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

Are you looking for a pretty festive Hairstyle for a wedding? One of the most popular hairstyles for weddings is the half up half down hairstyle. In this style, you can look formal and elegant, plus show off your fun side.