27 Recognizable Waka Flocka Quotes

Waka Flocka, also known as Waka Flocka Flame, is a well known name in the world of hiphop and rap. Waka Flocka is the stage name chosen by the American rapper, Juaquin Malphurs. This popular artist was born in Southern Hawaii,

22 Decorative Armband Tattoos For 2013

The rounded shape of the forearm makes a great surface for tattoos. People often get a stylish design inked on their upper arm. The design can be inked as a band around the forearm to create an elegant tattoo. Armband tattoo

26 Creative Plumeria Tattoo

Plumeria is a group of flowering plants, well-loved for colorful and vivid blooms. The pretty hues and patterns of the five petal flowers inspire many tattoo designs. The petals come in a wide range of colors and shades, making plumeria tattoos

30 Sleek Black Hair With Blonde Highlights For 2013 Hairstyles

Are you looking for attractive pale highlights ideas for your black hair? You can try blonde highlights to create a dramatic style statement. Sandy or metallic blonde hues give an intense look to black hair, and enhance its rich feel. Metallic

26 Intricate Braid Updo Hairstyles

Are you looking for updo hairstyles with a difference? Tired of the same regular low bun or topknot? If you want to introduce a fresh note to your hairstyle, try braids. You can use braids in combination with any hairstyle, such

23 Good Break Up Quotes You Should Read

A break up can feel like the most disastrous event in life. When you break up with someone special, all those wonderful times together become a memory. A break up tells you that the relationship was not meant to be. You

21 Heavenly Angel Tattoo Designs For 2013

The angel as a messenger of the heavens is a common figure across cultures. The angel brings messages from the future, or sometimes prays for guidance from the heavens. The angel also fights battles on behalf of goodness and light. The

24 Explosive Grenade Tattoos

A grenade tattoo can be used to express various creative themes. The fact that a grenade explodes at high velocity, makes it a great subject for anti-war tattoos. The message that violence is pointless can also be expressed through grenade tattoo