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Black women have a distinctive charm when it comes to looks. The shine in their skin and the curly tresses certainly put them in a separate league. As for haircuts, in recent years short hairstyles have become very popular among women

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Tattoos are a great option to enhance your style and looks. Of all the types of tattoos available for women, perhaps tattoos on the neck and foot are the most appealing. Floral patterns, especially those with butterflies, look great when done

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Broken Art Tattoo (BAT) has been a pioneer in the tattooing sector for the past few years. The organization started out in 2005 as a small shop in Los Angeles and has emerged as a driver of tattoo demands ever since.

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Rustic design is a modern interior design style that focusses on richness and abstract feelings. It uses a multitude of materials that provide a glossy touch to the place. It is quite popular because of its simple yet astonishingly classic results