February 2013 – Constant Comment Contest Winners

February is the month of Love and Friendship. Its the time to make the bond better and stronger. And we certainly want our bond with our readers to grow stronger with every passing day. Although February is the shortest month of

24 Tantalizing Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Hottest and gorgeous red carpet hairstyles of celebrities have always been popular among people. Celebrity hairstyles are inspirational as celebrities always update themselves with the latest, new and trendy hairstyles. Hairstyles are even named after some celebrities to mark their uniqueness

26 Provocative Triquetra Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are a unique form of body art that are made by inserting ink into the upper layer of the skin. It leaves a permanent mark on the skin, making it a treasure for a lifetime. People inked themselves for various

26 Alluring Hairstyles For Fine Straight Hair

A good hairstyle can make you look elegant and attractive, giving a boost to your personality. Though there are different types of hair, fine straight hair has always been popular among women. They even go to the extreme of ironing curly

28 Memorable Double Infinity Symbol Designs

The symbol of infinity refers to something that is without any limits. It is widely used in number of fields but predominantly in physics and mathematics. This symbol is also widely used in art for its beauty and meaning. A simple

27 Strengthening Wrist Tattoos For Guys

Tattoos are a beautiful form of art that has enthralled humans for many years. Humans used tattoos not only to denote their social status and religion but also to communicate their feelings and expressions. Though tattoos were extensively in prevalence throughout

26 Charming Music Tattoos For Guys

Art has enthralled and fascinated human race for centuries. There are different types of art like painting, photography, sculpturing and crafting. Art has been a means to communicate expressions and emotions. People showed their artistic skills not only on walls, caves

26 Eyecatching Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Bedroom is a special place in the house where you unwind and relax after a long stressful day at work. This fast-moving world with hectic work schedules makes it a necessity for everyone to relax at least for a few hours