35 Custom WordPress Themes

The mantra of ‘one-size-fits all’ seems to have become the ruling trend in our lives but heart in heart all of us wish for individualistic treatment. We love the readymade packaged offers but there are certain

31 Ingenious Braiding Hairstyles

Braiding hairstyles have become  a very traditional way of keeping your hair up. The three stranded braid has been the mainstay of any hairstyle, and it has dominated the fashion arena for long. But now the

28 Ravishing Bob Haircuts For Women

Women in the west have always had long hair. Short hair usually was a fashion statement of the actresses and artists. There have been many actresses like Polaire, the French actress, Irene Castle who was having

29 Ethnic Japanese Tattoo Designs

The traditional Japanese tattoo Irezumi is a particular method of decorating the body with intriguing designs of flowers, beasts, oni, leafs, namakubi and many other images from tales, myths and stories. The main reason, this art

27 Timeless Old School Tattoo Designs

Old school tattoos are normally bold and big designs, which have heavy borders filled with solid colors. These could either be symbols, military designs, and patterns of birds, girls, pinup posters, snakes, ships, heats, anchors, daggers,

18 Health WordPress Themes For Health Related Website

Health is a big and widely expanding business these days. Growth and development have brought with them their fair share of health related awareness as well as the unfair pie that consists of hazards for people.

27 Customizable WordPress Themes Which Look Great

WordPress themes are like a magic wand for those who are technically challenged but want to make their presence felt on technical platforms through blogs and websites. These cool, customized WordPress themes are made in such

28 Simple and Easy Hair Updos

Hair updos give you an elegant and classy look on a festive or formal occasion. You can add that special touch to your dress by wearing your hair in a trendy updo. Contrary to what many