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Tattoo art is something that has evolved from simple to exotic over the years. Tattoo artists have experimented with different themes, shapes, ideas, colors and styles over generations. Today, you can have a tattoo with a single theme or a combination

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SloDive Team is greatly pleased to announce the winners of the Constant Comment Contest for the Month of November 2012. As always, we got huge response and we appreciate the efforts put in by each and every contestant. This Month the

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Words are what we have to shape the reality we see around us. Some people who are poets and singers have just been able to put those impressions of life in a way which makes much sense to people around. It

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Does wanderlust fill your soul every time you hear of people traveling to exotic destinations? Do your fondest dreams consist of backpacking or being a tourist in different parts of the world? If you are filled with the madness to see