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Tattoos are what show our inner worlds and all the themes that are our heart favorites. One of the cutest tattoo ideas that people ink to feel special are Bow Tattoos. Truly unique and colorful in style bow tattoo designs look

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Transition hairstyle means that you are neither where you were earlier; nor have you reached where you want to be. The hair is neither long nor short enough for your satisfaction. Yet one can create a fantastic hairstyle out of the

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One of the most beautiful and elegant of Nature’s creations leaves are truly unique. Pick up a leaf and look at it, and you find no leaf even from the same tree is exactly a replica of another one. Individual and

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When you think of a producer, singer, actress and model all rolled into one, you immediately think of the name Whitney Houston. Being a celebrity, she is photographed very often. She is considered one of the world’s highest selling music artists.

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Styling and adorning the hair is an age-old custom. Women from ancient times have spent hours grooming their hair and creating wonderful hairstyles. Experimenting with different colors and dyes too is a custom that never goes out of fashion. In fact,