Freelancing – A Boon Or A Bane

“Freelance” is a commonly used word these days. How is this different from a person who has a regular job? Although freelancing began in the medieval ages with mercenary soldiers, there are umpteen freelancers and freelancing opportunities on offer today. If

Steps To Freelancing

Are you planning to branch off on your own and work at your own time and pace? You may be a professional working in a traditional work space and need to start your own venture or a school teacher who would

Perfect Portfolio

Are you a freelancer looking for techniques to develop and enlarge your client base? Your communicative skills and openness will produce the desired effects but may leave space for something more. You need to show in black and white a sample

Promoting a Blog- Strategies to Get You Started

You spend hours to come up with innovative ideas to create what is there in your dreams, engaging content. But no matter how interesting your site is you cannot drive enough traffic unless you are aware how to promote a blog.

Is Content More Enterprising than Design

There is an ongoing battle between what seems best in perspective of online business. While many of them believe that it is always content which decides and rules everything on the huge web space, there are still some who are staunch

Goodie Steps For Improving Quality Traffic To Your Blog

Now that you have a good blog (of course, you think that way), it is time to brush through some real and hardcore facts. It is not unnatural to find a blogger to start thinking that his/her blog would make him/her

25 Awesome Natalie Portman Hairstyles

Are you looking for brand new look? Try a different hairstyle from your regular one. If looking for inspiration, have a look at Natalie Portman’s hairstyles. Absolutely short, pixie cut, mid length or long, she has tried them all. Her bone

25 Exceptional Tribal Rose Tattoos

Out of all flower tattoos, the tribal rose tattoo is most common. This enchanting flower has left people spellbound since ages. The rose has traditionally been associated with purity and love. For the ancient Romans and Greeks, a rose was identified