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Early adopters of technology always have an upper hand in comparison to those who stick to the regular and cocooned route. If you are running blogs and websites, it is important to stay updated with the latest introductions. Since, WordPress powers

26 Loveably Cute Bun Hairstyles

Hairstyles often define the attitude of a person. There are so many examples of hairstyles changing the total look of the person. Buns are a form of hairdo that is viewed as an evergreen way of keeping the hair. Set on

31 Perfect Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Faces For 2013

Hairstyles are a fashion trend since ever. Each hairstyle has a particular face to fit and is suitable only on certain faces. For example, heart shaped faces have their own hairstyles to suit them. Such faces are wide at the brow

26 Trendy Hairstyles For Black Girls For 2013

African American celebrities are the biggest hairdo divas in the fashion arena. Whether it is the short, edgy style that Rihanna sports or the long sleek strands that Tyra has, the women have always been known for their typical signature styles.

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School is fun and the time spent at school is something that remains etched in our memories forever. There are so many things that we learn at school, which later, becomes a revelation for us, in our everyday life. The best

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Traditional tattoo designs are back in fashion now. With the Japanese tattoos riding the waves of popularity in the world, the simple tattoo art has now become a style statement. Make way for the Japanese art of tattooing, where you have

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Cherry blossom is a symbol of clouds, as they blossom all together. It depicts the temporary nature of life. Cherry blossom is very much like life. The way the cherry blooms and then withers away is compared to life. Just as