27 Exquisite Hairstyles For Medium Hair For 2013

Looking for fresh haircuts that are trendy and low on maintenance? If you are not too fond of the long hairstyles nor have fondness for boyish haircuts, shoulder length hairstyles can be a happy medium. You can experiment with different hair

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Black is the color of mystery, hiding secrets and enchanting tales. A veil of black hair is stuff that poetry is made of, and if you are the proud owner of black hair, you can flaunt many gorgeous hairstyles. The point

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Modern home design focuses on smart and stylish fireplaces. The fire is contained in a beautiful structure, to give a decorative touch to the room. Aesthetics is the premise behind modern Fireplace Ideas. From small firebox in one corner, to huge

26 Trendy and Modern Shag Haircut Examples

Some haircuts remind you of retro times, with a modern touch that gives them a unique flavor. Take shag haircuts for example. A smart hairstyle that grew popular through television sitcoms in the ’70s, the shag is a strong trend in