23 Luxurious Diamond Tattoos For 2013

Diamonds are the hardest natural stone known to man. In the world of tattoo art, this makes diamonds a symbol of enduring strength and rare beauty. The facets of a diamond add to its sparkling look. The light reflected off the

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Most girls like dressing up to show off the latest fashion trends. Tattoos are no exception and they are the latest in making a fashion statement. When it is about tattoo designs, girls love to go for the more elegant ones,

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Puerto Rico is a lovely country and has enough reasons to attract a fashion oriented person. With a vibrant culture, and beautiful history, Puerto Ricans love to get their bodies inked and are fond of showing off their heritage and culture

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Short, natural hairstyles for black women are hard to come by as no one seems to put special emphasis on hairstyles designed for a particular ethnic group but we’re looking to change that. You see, black women have some of the most