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The bond between a father and his daughter is special. The bond carries father and daughters through sunny and stormy phases, growing stronger over time. A young girl needs her father for protection. When she is grown into a woman, she

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Are you looking for cool medium length hairstyles that add drama to your features? A light play of layers, works great to give you an enhanced look. Bangs have been around for ages to add an extra dimension to medium hairstyles.

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Tattoos use different elements to add a deep meaning to the design. Meaningful tattoos are designed with a line of text, a special personal symbol, or a coded message. Tattoos often carry a world of meaning in their lines, colors, and

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Diamonds are the hardest natural stone known to man. In the world of tattoo art, this makes diamonds a symbol of enduring strength and rare beauty. The facets of a diamond add to its sparkling look. The light reflected off the

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Plenty can also cause pain at times. All of us have heard the ancient saying- excess of everything is bad and it is pretty relevant in the present technological era too. There is so much of information and advice available on

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Are you a music lover who wants to showcase his talent to the world? Do you belong to a group of amateur music artists who want to rise up from their humble beginnings? We are sure your answer would be an