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Gone are the days when the tattoo artist would spend hours and hours creating the perfect design for you. In the present day, tattoos are not just body art or skin art. They are your own set of personal beliefs which

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The Heart Locket Tattoo is a beautiful theme. The tattoo is most commonly seen as a heart shape, with a keyhole in it, implying that the heart is a locked space that you have to unlock to get access to the

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Perhaps luck is the most favored wish on this planet that never goes out of style. Lady luck smiles on just a chosen few and for them success comes naturally whether it is family, career or love. Let us face it;

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Zebra Nail Designs are preferred by many women who like to flaunt their wild side. These zebra prints essentially consist of a base color and stripes made with another color, preferably black, over the base color. The zebra design creates a