15 Awesome Dry Brush Nail Art Examples

Dry brush nail art is a simple and easy nail art design to try. You don’t have to have mad artistic skills to pull this look off, and it only takes a short time to create.

The dry brush nail technique involves wiping almost all excess polish off of a nail polish brush and dragging it across the nails. You can use almost any color combination you want and layer them any way you want. The effect results in a distressed or “grunge” look and by no means have to be perfect like some nail art designs!

The end results, though? Pretty spectacular! Take a look at these awesome dry brush nail art techniques and see for yourself!

1. Watercolor Inspired Dry Brush Nails

The bright colors melting into into each other in this dry brush nail art design almost seem to be inspired by a vibrant watercolor painting.

dry brush nail artImage Source

2. Neon Dry Brush Nail Art

Bright pops of neon colors on white nails make for an eye catching nail design!

dry brush nail artImage Source

3. Orange and Pink Dry Brush Nail Design

Contrasting colors like orange and pink make a great combination in dry brush nail art designs.

dry brush nail artImage Source

4. Chrome Dry Brush Nail Art

Shiny polishes like chrome nail polish also make a great addition in dry brush nail art!

dry brush nail artImage Source

5. Purple Dry Brush Nails

Purple is a fun and feminine color to use in any nail art design, and the little pop of pink here adds a fun little something extra!

dry brush nail artImage Source

6. Purple and Pink Dry Brush Nails

Complimentary colors like purple and pink make a pretty awesome design when applied with an almost dry brush.

dry brush nail artImage Source

7. Graffiti Dry Brush Nails

Bright colors peeking out under some almost grungy streaks of black create a cool graffiti inspired nail design!

dry brush nail artImage Source

8. Christmas Dry Brush Nails

Use holiday colors—red, green, and gold—for a Christmas themed dry brush manicure!

dry brush nail artImage Source

9. Metallic and Black Dry Brush Nails

Add some shimmery metallic nail polish over black nails with a dry brush for an awesome funky and dark manicure!

dry brush nail artImage Source

10. Almost Plaid Dry Brush Nail Design

The combination of colors and design in this manicure almost make it look a little like a plaid nail design, doesn’t it?

dry brush nail artImage Source

11. Embellished Dry Brush Nails

Embellishments like nail charms make a great addition to dry brush nail art designs!

dry brush nail artImage Source

12. Dry Brush Accent Nails

Dry brush nail art also makes a beautiful and unique statement as embellished accent nails.

dry brush nail artImage Source

13. Pastel Dry Brush Nails

Pastel colors applied with a dry brush technique make a sweet and subtle manicure for spring.

dry brush nail artImage Source

14. Dry Fan Brush Nail Art

A fan brush is another great tool to have in your nail art arsenal arsenal and can also be used for dry brush nail art to achieve this effect…

dry brush nail artImage Source

15. Bright Dry Brush Nail Art

Layering some bright colors in a dry brush nail art design is really quite eye catching, especially when accented with some neon nail studs!

dry brush nail artImage Source

To protect your dry brush nail art design, a good quality top coat is recommended. You can always use a quick drying top coat to be on your way and out the door in not time at all!

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