24 Gorgeous Gold Nails You’ll Love!

Gold nails come in and out of style throughout the seasons. Rich metallics, including gold nail polish, are usually a must-have color for fall and winter, and this fall is no exception! Fall 2015 nail art trends do include this classic metallic nail color!

Gold nail art is a fun look to play around with. The shimmery metallic color catches the light beautifully, and gold is flattering on most skin tones. You can add a little extra sparkle to your gold nails with a gold glitter polish, or you can combine gold with other colors in an interesting nail art design. Black, for instance, looks striking in a gold nail art design.

If you’re looking for some great ways to rock gold nails this season, you’re in luck! We’ve found lots of great gold nail art designs to get you started!

1. Metallic Gold Nails

Super shiny metallic nails look simply stunning with an embossed design!

gold nailsImage Source

2. Gold Nails With Black Bows

Black bows add a super cute element to simple glitter gold nails! Great party nails!

gold nailsImage Source

3. Polka Dot Plaid Gold Nail Design

Polka dots? Plaid? Whichever it is, it’s a pretty sweet looking design!

gold nailsImage Source

4. White Bows on Gold Nails

These little white bows and hearts look adorable in shimmery gold nails!

gold nailsImage Source

5. Black and Gold French Manicure

Put a party spin on a classic French manicure with black and gold polish.

gold nailsImage Source

6. Gold Water Marble Nails

Water marble designs can be tricky to get just right, but they really nailed it with this design!

gold nailsImage Source

7. Black Lines on Gold Nails

A few well placed black lines turn plain gold nails into a fun modern work of art!

gold nailsImage Source

8. Black Leaves on Gold Nails

Looking for a different twist on a leaf nail art design? Try black and gold!

gold nailsImage Source

9. Black and Gold Butterfly Nail Art

These old nails look like shimmery butterfly wings.

gold nailsImage Source

10. Distressed Black and Gold Nail Art

Rock the edgy punk look with a touch of glam with these amazing distressed black and gold nails!

gold nailsImage Source

11. Gold and Black Polka Dot Nails

Polka dot nails are simple and pretty, and this black and gold polka dot nail art is just a little luxurious too!

gold nailsImage Source

12. Mismatched Black and Gold Nails

Because sometimes you can’t choose just one nail art design!

gold nailsImage Source

13. Gold Crosses Nail Art

Crosses of gold really make a statement and stand out on black nail polish.

gold nailsImage Source

14. Fun Gold Nail Polish Design

Great gold nail art doesn’t have to have a rhyme or reason. Sometimes just some fun doodles look fantastic!

gold nailsImage Source

15. Gold Lines Nail Art

Stunning gold nail art can be as simple as some carefully placed lines.

gold nailsImage Source

16. Gold and Black Checkerboard Nails

Loving these gorgeous checkerboard nails!

gold nailsImage Source

17. Gold V-shaped Nail Art

A simple v-shaped design in gold helps add the illusion of length as well as a little glam!

gold nailsImage Source

18. Gold Chevron Nail Art

Gold polish adds a little luxury to a trendy chevron design too!

gold nailsImage Source

19. Cream and Gold Nail Art

We should really have more cream nail polish designs, don’t you think?

gold nailsImage Source

20. White and Gold Nail Art

Gold nail polish goes with white nails as well as black nails!

gold nailsImage Source

21.Red and Gold Gradient Nails

Red and gold nails are just the thing for a holiday party!

gold nailsImage Source

22. Coral Nails With Gold Tips

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different gold color combinations either!

gold nailsImage Source

23. Gold Tiger Stripe Nails

Get a little wild and crazy with some gold tiger print nails!

gold nails 23Image Source

24. Gold Leopard Nails

Or some gold leopard print nails, if that’s more your thing.

gold nailsImage Source

That about wraps up this list of gold nails. I hope you got some great inspiration for your next gold nail art! For even more inspiration, be sure to check out these 12 Pretty and Shiny Gold Nail Designs, 10 Marvelous Metallic Nail Designs, and 11 Beautiful Red and Gold Nail Designs

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