23 Playful and Cute Nail Art Designs

Sometimes a plain nail polish can get a little boring. That’s where cute nail art designs come in!

Cute nail art designs can be created for nearly any occasion in any colors. Girls looking for something a little different might want to try some cute nail designs to mix things up a little. You don’t have to spend a fortune for cute nails either. Many adorable designs are relatively easy to create and can be done by just about anyone!

Looking for some cute nail art designs to try? Check out these awesome examples for a little inspiration!

1. Puzzle Nail Art

Colorful puzzle nails are super fun and adorable!

cute nail artImage Source

2. Tropical Shark Nail Art

Although you don’t want to see one while swimming in the ocean, sharks are cute when they’re on your nails!

cute nail artImage Source

3. Polka Dot Cat Nails

Little cartoon cats make for some cute nail art designs, but these polka dots behind these nail art cats add a fun splash of color.

cute nail artImage Source

4. Tuxedo Nails

Show your fun style at an upscale event with some cute nail art designs featuring tuxedos!

cute nail artImage Source

5. Owl Nail Art

“Hoo” wouldn’t love these cute nail art owl designs?

cute nail artImage Source

6. Strawberry French Tips

Strawberry nails are some super cute nail art designs, and these strawberry French tips are outrageously adorable!

cute nail artImage Source

7. Simple Lace Nail Art

Lace nail art doesn’t have to be complicate to be cute!

cute nail artImage Source

8. Rainbow and Clouds Nail Art

A happy little cloud really jazzes up this cute nail art with rainbows!

cute nail artImage Source

9. Notebook Doodle Nail Art

If you’re looking for some cute nail art for back to school, these notebook doodle nails could be just the thing!

cute nail art designs 9Image Source

10. Purple Cartoon Nails

These cute nails look like old animations. Super cute and fun!

cute nail artImage Source

11. Sheep Nail Art

Cute little sheep make cute nail art!

cute nail artImage Source

12. Comic Nail Art Design

Comic book fan or not, you’ve got to admit this is a creative and cute nail art design!

cute nail artImage Source

13. Teddy Bear Nails

Teddy bears make some cuddly and cute nail art on these long blue nails.

cute nail artImage Source

14. Froggy Nail Art

Adorable little green frogs decorate the tips of these nails.

cute nail artImage Source

15. Heart Balloon Nails

Heart balloon nail art is some perfectly cute nail art designs for birthdays or Valentine’s Day!

cute nail artImage Source

16. Colorful Sneaker Nails

An easy and cute nail art design, these sneakers can also satisfy your need for coorful nail art!

cute nail artImage Source

17. Goofy Monster Nail Art

These colorful and goofy monsters don’t just make a cute nail art design, but they’re also super easy to recreate!

cute nail artImage Source

18. Buzzing Bumble Bee Nail Art

There’s no reason to be afraid of this cute little bumble bee on the nails!

cute nail artImage Source

19. Pink Striped Cupcake Nails

These striped pink cupcake nails are sweet and unique!

cute nail artImage Source

20. Ice Cream Cone Nails

If cupcakes aren’t your thing, you could try some cute nail art with ice cream cones.

cute nail artImage Source

21. Pac-Man Nail Art

For the nerdy gamer in you, we have some cute nail art with Pac-Man chasing his ghost buddies around the maze.

cute nail artImage Source

22. Lego Block Nails

Lego blocks makes a playful and cute nail art design!

cute nail artImage Source

23. Paper Airplane Nail Art

Fly away and be free with these cute paper airplane nails!

cute nail artImage Source

Now that you’ve checked out some of these cute nail art designs, hopefully you have lots of inspiration for some new nail art ideas! These cute nails would be great to wear with a casual outfit to show off your playful side, so have fun with them!

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