20 Super Cute Nail Designs to Break Out of a Nail Art Rut!

Some days you just get sick and tired of the same old nails. If the same old nail polish color is getting you down, maybe it’s time for some fun and cute nail designs!

If you’re new to nail art designs, no r=worries! Many of these cute nail designs can be recreated quite easily with very few special tools. Polka dots, for instance, can be created with a nail dotting tool or toothpick. Lines can be created with a thin nail brush or toothpick. Plus, it’s easy to transform an ordinary nail art design into something fun and cute by adding just a few rhinestones or other embellishments!

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out these super cute nail designs for some ideas!

1. Pastel Polka Dot Nail Design

Organized polka dots in pastels are pretty and cute on the nails.

cute nail designsImage Source

2. Watercolor Nail Art

Soft colors swirled together make some beautiful watercolor nails!

cute nail designsImage Source

3. Color Block Nail Design

With the right muted colors and some nail striping and stud details, these color block nails are super cute and feminine!

cute nail designsImage Source

4. Pink Rhinestone Bird Nails

Birds make for some cute nail designs, but the added rhinestone details on these nails make them even more gorgeous!

cute nail designsImage Source

5. Striped Pink Bow Nails

Pink bows add a cute feminine touch to these black and gray striped nails!

cute nail designsImage Source

6. Cute Love Nail Art

Pretty much anything to do with hearts and love makes for some super cute nail designs!

cute nail designsImage Source

7. Blue Peacock Nail Design

A blue glitter polish is the perfect addition to some cute nail designs with peacock feathers!

cute nail designsImage Source

8. Fancy Stamped Nail Design

A nail stamping kits is a fantastic way to get some cute nail designs the easy way!

cute nail designsImage Source

9. Jeweled Flower Nail Art

Cute nail designs with flowers can be even cuter with the addition of some small rhinestones!

cute nail designsImage Source

10. Stamped Gradient Nail Art

A gradient of color across the nails is made even more spectacular with a fancy silver stamped design!

cute nail designsImage Source

11. Bright Color Block Nails

Bright and cute nail designs are super fun, especially in the spring and summer!

cute nail designsImage Source

12. Marbled Nail Design

This is probably the prettiest marbled nail design that I’e ever seen!

cute nail designsImage Source

13. Striped Tips Nail Design

Striped nail designs are definitely pretty, but here’s a nice unique twist on a classic design—stripes on just the tips of the nails!

cute nail designsImage Source

14. Cute Flower Nail Art

Here’s a simple and adorable nail art design that just about anyone can try!

cute nail designsImage Source

15. Red and Black Leopard Nails

Leopard nail designs are spicy and fun, but the addition of a couple of red accent nails makes these even better!

cute nail designsImage Source

16. Neon and Silver Nail Design

Neon nails are chic and eye catching with some cute black and silver designs!

cute nail designsImage Source

17. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Nails

It would be hard to argue that these pointed nails aren’t some totally cute nail designs!

cute nail designsImage Source

18. Pretty Pink Glitter Nails

These pretty pink nails should be enough to make you feel like royalty for a few days!

cute nail designsImage Source

19. Micro Bead Nails

Dipping wet polish in some tiny nail art micro beads seems like such a simple thing, but it’s an easy way to get some amazing looking nails!

cute nail designsImage Source

20. Balloons Nail Art

A collection of balloons carrying a house adds a fun little element to these sky blue nails with clouds!

cute nail designsImage Source

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