20 Perfect Pinstripe Nail Art Designs

Pinstripe nail art is a fun and simple design that almost anyone can master. It usually involves this stripes running the entire length of the nails, and resembles pinstripe fabric. Of course, you don’t always have to wear pinstripe nails with your pinstripe suit; you can wear this nail design any way you want, and it makes a great fun and casual look! It’ also a great way to make short nails appear a little longer!

The pinstripes in pinstripe nail art designs can be created a few different ways. For an easy pinstripe nail design, several strips of nail striping tape can be placed on the nail and covered with a top coat. Alternatively, a second color can be painted over the nail striping tape and the tape can then be removed to reveal fun little stripes. Some women, however, prefer to use a nail art brush to paint on the pinstripes. It not be as crisp and clean as the nail striping tape methods, but it can save a ton of time!

Pinstripe nails can also be painted in a wide range of colors. Basically, if you have a nail color, you can use it. There are no hard and fast rules on what color pinstripe nail art has to be, although black and white is common.

For some great pinstripe nail art inspiration, check out these awesome designs!

1. Pinstripe Nail Art Tutorial

Let’s start with a quick and easy tutorial on how to get perfect pinstripe nail art every time. All you need is some nail striping tape for crisp, straight pinstripes!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

2. White and Black Pinstripes

Traditional pinstripes are usually white on black, but there’s o rule you can’t have black pinstripes on white nails. Or any other colors, for that matter!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

3. Studded Pinstripe Nails

Pinstripes not decorative enough for you? Add a stud to the base of each nail for a little extra decoration! Its such a simple step, but it really does make all the difference in this pinstripe nail art!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

4. Half Moon and Pinstripe Nails

Leave a gap between the edge of your pinstripe nail art and the cuticle for a fun and unique half moon mani!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

5. Short Pinstripe Nails

Ladies with short nails can also rock a fun pinstripe design! Painting vertical stripes on your nails can also make them appear longer.

pinstripe nail artImage Source

6. Blue Pinstripe Nails

Two shades of blue look phenomenal in a pinstripe nail art design!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

7. White and Blue Pinstripe Nails

White pinstripes can look beautiful on any nail color, but I think they really stand out on these light blue nails, don’t you?

pinstripe nail artImage Source

8. Orange and Cream Pinstripe Nails

For a fun and energetic pinstripe nail art design, try using bright orange nail polish. This would be great summer nail art, since the color combination is a bit reminiscent of a Creamsicle!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

9. Subtle Pink Pinstripe Nails

The pinstripe nail art design is very subtle and soft on these nails, because the light shades of ink don’t contrast like some colors do. It works, though, and it’s a nice feminine design!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

10. Candy Pink Pinstripe Nail Art

If you’re really looking for a feminine and fun pinstripe nail art design, pair a light pink with a darker, brighter shade of pink. Super cute, and reminds me of candy or bubble gum!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

11. Pink and Blue Glitter Pinstripe Nails

One bold glitter stripe in this pink and blue pinstripe design adds a gorgeous statement!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

12. Pinstripe and Rose Nail Art

The delicate pink roses really make these blue and white pinstripe nails pop!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

13. Pinstripe and Bow Nail Art Design

Mixing a couple of different nail art design elements in the same manicure can really work well. Take these pinstripe and bow nails, for instance…

pinstripe nail artImage Source

14. Bold Pink and Yellow Pinstripe Nails

Alternating pink and yellow nails look simply fabulous with some black pinstriping!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

15. Multi-color Pastel Pinstripe Nails

For those times when you can’t choose just one color to use, we have the multi-color pinstripe nails! Each nail uses a different color for the stripes.

pinstripe nail artImage Source

16. Rainbow Pinstripe Nail Art

Alternatively, you can paint each stripe a different color, giving your nails a rainbow pinstripe design. So pretty!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

17. Multi-color and Black Pinstripe Nails

Brightly colored nail striping tape looks amazing when placed on black nails!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

18. Rainbow Gradient and Black Pinstripe Nails

Black pinstripes create a beautiful effect on these gorgeous rainbow gradient nails!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

19. Marble and Pinstripe Nail Art

Wow! Use a simple pinstripe design to accent these incredible black and white water marble nails!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

20. Jamberry Pinstripe Nails

Finally, if you just don’t have the time or patience to paint pinstripe nails, there’re always Jamberry nail wraps!

pinstripe nail artImage Source

Pinstripe nail art can be pretty and fun! As you can probably tell, pinstripe nails are also pretty easy to create as well as very versatile. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different nail colors and design elements for your own pinstripe nail designs!

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