18 Lovely Heart Nail Designs

Heart nail designs are the perfect nail art designs for romantic occasions, like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day! Red, pink, and white hearts are a great way to decorate your fingertips on any day, actually. Of course, you don’t have to stick to just these colors; heart nail designs can look spectacular in any color combination!

Are you looking to try your hand at your own heart nail art? The designs below can give you some nice inspiration to complete your very own romantic look!

1. Chevron Heart Nail Design

This chevron design is cleverly combined with a cute heart nail design in this red and white mani!

heart nail designsImage Source

2. Pink and Gold Stone Heart Nails

This pretty pink and gold stone nail art makes a great background for a simple black heart on one accent nail.

heart nail designsImage Source

3. Heart French Manicure

A French manicure gets a fun and romantic makeover with some silver accents and red hearts!

heart nail designsImage Source

4. Pink Polka Dot Heart Nails

Lots of polka dots surrounding some heart nail art makes a totally cute mani!

heart nail designsImage Source

5. Black and White Polka Dots and Hearts

Tiny black polka dots on white nails make these pretty pink heart nail designs pop even more!

heart nail designsImage Source

6. Gradient Hearts Nail Art

A simple tape stencil can be used to create these super cute sponge gradient heart nail designs!

heart nail designsImage Source

7. Candy Heart Nail Designs

Candy hearts are the perfect heart nail designs for Valentine’s Day, and these are actually pretty easy to recreate.

heart nail designsImage Source

8. Pink and Black Heart Nail Designs

Pink pairs well with black hearts in this fun little heart nail design!

heart nail designsImage Source

9. Silver and Pink Heart Nail Designs

Here are two different heart nail designs combined into one lovely manicure!

heart nail designsImage Source

10. Love and Heart Nail Design

A white pearl accent heart on the thumb makes a lovely accent to the word “love” written in script across the nails!

heart nail designsImage Source

11. Plaid Heart Nails

Heart and stripe stencils can be used to create some cute heart nail designs over a red plaid design for a pretty awesome manicure!

heart nail designsImage Source

12. Gray Heartbeat Nails

What better addition to some heart nail designs than a heartbeat line?

heart nail designsImage Source

13. Silver Stripe Heart Nail Design

This silver and red striped manicure is a little more chic and subtle than some of the other heart nail designs on this list.

heart nail designsImage Source

14. Shades of Pink Heart Nails

Try some rows of hearts in different shades of pink over red nails for a nice eye catching design!

heart nail designsImage Source

15. Rhinestone Heart Nail Art

Heart shaped nail art rhinestones can be used to make some easy and pretty heart nail designs.

heart nail designsImage Source

16. Pretty Pastel Heart Nails

Pastel colors can be mixed and matched to create simple but cute heart nail art.

heart nail designsImage Source

17. Red Glitter Heart Nails

Of course red glitter makes for a gorgeous heart nail design that is just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

heart nail designsImage Source

18. Heart and Stripes Nail Art

Adding a hear accent nail to black, white, and red striped nails makes for a fun and funky nail design!

heart nail designsImage Source

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