18 Gorgeous Nail Designs

Plain old nail polish colors can get pretty boring after a while, can’t they? The answer to a boring nail polish routine could be some fun nail art designs! You don’t have to be a professional manicurist to create some cute nail art either. There are lots of designs that are totally doable, even for the most inexperienced nail artist!

Choosing the right nail art designs to try can be the most difficult part. There are so many designs out there to try, and most designs can be created in any color combination of your choice. You should also stick to a design that’s easy enough for you to create yourself. If you need a little inspiration, be sure to check out these awesome nail design ideas!

1. Red Flower and Diagonal Tip Nails

Beautiful diagonal nail tips pair well with the pretty red flower accent nail!

nail designsImage Source

2. Polka Dot and Glitter Tip Nail Art

White and black polka dot nails look pretty smashing with some red glitter tips!

nail designsImage Source

3. Yellow and Purple Nail Designs

Flower nail designs are popular all year round, and these yellow and purple flowers would be great during any season, from spring to fall!

nail designsImage Source

4. Striped Rose Nail Design

Rose nail designs are becoming quite popular, and these roses on the tips of the nails and between baby blue stripes are sweet and feminine.

nail designsImage Source

5. Blue Lace Nails

Lacy nail designs are also sweet and feminine, and this baby blue and black design looks gorgeous!

nail designsImage Source

6. Nude and Gold Nail Art

Nude nail designs can still look pretty amazing, especially when you add a little gold sparkle and some studs!

nail designsImage Source

7. Negative Space Watercolor Nail Art

Both negative space and watercolor nails are becoming popular, and combining the two is a pretty awesome idea!

nail designsImage Source

8. Purple Flower Nail Design

Easy flower nail designs, like this polka dot flower design, are always fun and quick nail designs when you’re short on time!

nail designsImage Source

9. Pink and White Geometric Nail Art

A geometric nail art design in white and shades of pink is stunning, especially with the gold accents!

nail designsImage Source

10. Simple Polka Dot Nail Design

A simple polka dot design is always easy to do and looks chic and modern in a trendy color like coral.

nail designsImage Source

11. Black Paint Splattered Nails

Splats of black paint on natural nails make for some fun and funky nail designs!

nail designsImage Source

12. Black and White Scroll Design

A simple color combination like black and white transforms into something exquisite with some fancy scroll nail designs!

nail designsImage Source

13. Starry Colorful Gradient Nails

A colorful metallic gradient nail art design makes a perfect backdrop for some starry nail designs.

nail designsImage Source

14. Colorful Triangle Nails

These triangle nails would actually be great for birthday nail designs!

nail designsImage Source

15. Daisy Nail Design

White and yellow daisy nail designs with touches of blue make perfect spring nail designs!

nail designsImage Source

16. Glam Pink Mani

This pretty pink mani contains a few elements of a fantastic nail design—negative space half moons, pretty vines, and a glitter accent nail.

nail designsImage Source

17. Gold and Black Stamped Nail Design

A nail stamping kit is a great way to get some almost flawless complicated nail art designs!

nail designsImage Source

18. Purple and Gold Nail Art

You’ll feel a little like royalty with a rich and luxurious purple and gold nail art design!

nail designsImage Source

Awesome nail designs need a coat of clear topcoat to protect them. A coat or two of clear nail polish will help prevent chips and scuffs, and make your mani last much longer.

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