17 Carved Pumpkin Nails For Halloween

Pumpkin nails are the perfect Halloween manicure! Carved pumpkins are one of the most recognized symbols of this spooky holiday. Even if you don’t dress up in full costume for Halloween, it’s still fun to wear a few holiday themed items. And, pumpkin nail art is a fantastic way to get into the spirit, so to speak!

Orange and black are usually the colors used to make pumpkin nails. Sometimes, other colors like white and green are also used. Glitter polish and accents can also be used for a glam Halloween look. A nail brush or nail dotting tool can be used to draw a carved pumpkin design on the face as well as other elements in pumpkin nail art.

Need some ideas for your own pumpkin nail art? These fun Halloween nail art designs should give you a good start…

1. Halloween Pumpkin Nails

Pumpkins are definitely Halloween themed nail art ideas, but adding a few other elements can really help you get into the spirit of the spooky season!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

2. Ghost and Pumpkin Nail Art

Some cute spooky ghosts are the perfect companions for carved pumpkins this Halloween!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

3. Black and Orange Striped Nails

A fun Jack-o-lantern makes a great Halloween themed accent nail in this black and orange striped manicure.

pumpkin nailsImage Source

4. Candy Corn Pumpkin Nails

A candy corn gradient design makes a great background for some fun and spooky Jack-o-lantern nails!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

5. Orange and Black Polka Dot Tip Nails

White polka dots on black nail tips make a fun little accent for pumpkin nail art.

pumpkin nailsImage Source

6. Glitter pumpkin Nails

Orange glitter nail polish doesn’t exactly mesh well with a lot of nail art designs, but it fits perfectly with pumpkin nails.

pumpkin nailsImage Source

7. Trick or Treat Halloween Nails

These cute black, orange, and white Halloween nails are definitely a treat!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

8. Scary Pumpkin Nails

Some scary pumpkin nails are the perfect accessory for any Halloween costume!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

9. Carved Pumpkin Nails

Some darker orange stripes on these pumpkin nails give them the perfect finishing touch!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

10. Simple Jack-o-Lantern Nails

A complex and complicated pumpkin nail design isn’t necessary for a cute Halloween manicure when a simple black and orange design will do just fine!

pumpkin nails 10Image Source

11. Pumpkin Face Nail Art

Lots of different carved pumpkin faces come together beautifully on pumpkin nails!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

12. Water Marble and Pumpkin Nail Design

A black and orange water marble design makes a beautiful Halloween nail art design, and a wicked little Jack-o-lantern just tops it off!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

13. Orange and Black Carved Pumpkin Nails

Dress up plain black nails with some bright orange pumpkins for Halloween!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

14. Orange Trick-or-Treat Nails

A simple orange nail design like this is just the thing for a long night of trick-or-treating!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

15. Matte Black Pumpkin Nails

Matte black pumpkin nails are ominous and creepy, and great for such a spooky holiday!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

16. Long Glitter Pumpkin Nails

Girls with long nails can pull off some super creepy glitter pumpkin nails!

pumpkin nailsImage Source

17. Pumpkin Patch Nail Art

A collection of cute carved pumpkins, complete with green vines, on the nails resembles a Halloween pumpkin patch.

pumpkin nailsImage Source

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s a perfect time to try out some pumpkin nails! So, break out your orange nail polish and try out a few pumpkin nail art designs! Whether you paint funny or frightening faces, your pumpkin nails are sure to get a few compliments!

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