16 Snowy Winter Nail Art Ideas

Winter nail art is perfect for those blustery days when the mercury dips and the snow is flying. Whether you’re excited about the first snow fall or waist deep in the fifth blizzard of the year, winter nails can be a fun pick me up for those boring days you’re stuck inside.

White is an obvious color to use for snowy winter nail designs. Blue and silver are also used often in snow nail art. However, don’t feel restricted to these colors only. You can use any colors for your own winter nail designs!

There are also tons of different designs you can try, from simple snow flakes to complicated winter wonderland scenes. Need some ideas? Check out these super cute winter nail art ideas for some inspiration!

1. Snowflakes on Natural Nails

This winter snowflake nail art design has to be one of the easiest to pull off! All you need is a nail art stamper with a snowflake design.

winter nail art Image Source

2. Snowflake French Manicure

Here’s a snowy twist on a classic French manicure. The blue tips add a nice cool pop of color and the white snowflakes and polka dots are super cute wintery designs!

winter nail art Image Source

3. Pink and Black Snowflake Nails

Who says snowflake nail art has to be white? This pink and black winter nail design is terrific just the way it is!

winter nail art Image Source

4. Glittery Purple Snowflake Nails

Purple also makes for some pretty and colorful winter nails! The splash of glitter gives this snowflake mani some nice sparkle too.

winter nail art Image Source

5. Pointy Glitter Snowflake Nail Art

Speaking of glitter, check out this amazing pointy winter nail art design! It also uses rhinestones to up the sparkle factor.

winter nail art Image Source

6. Penguin Winter Nails

One can’t have a list of winter nail designs without some cute penguin nails!

winter nail art Image Source

7. Simple Winter Scene Nails

These winter scene nails are simple enough for just about anyone to create.

winter nail art Image Source

8. Tree in Winter Nails

This tree winter nail art is absolutely gorgeous! Although it looks complicated, it should also be pretty easy to recreate.

winter nail art Image Source

9. Snowy Trees Nail Art

This snowy trees winter nail design is a little more difficult to recreate, but the time and effort it would require would be oh so worth it!

winter nail art Image Source

10. Winter Landscape Nail Art

If you really want some gorgeous winter nail art, painting an entire winter landscape scene on your nails is sure to get you at least a few compliments!

winter nail art Image Source

11. Simple Polka Dot Snowman Nails

Snowman nails are totally adorable and totally doable! The extra polka dots also adds a fun element to this design.

winter nail art Image Source

12. French Tip Snowman Mani

How do you turn a French mani into winter nail art? Add some tall snowmen on a couple of accent nails!

winter nail art Image Source

13. Snowman French Manicure

Here’s another fantastic example of some snowman French tip nail art!

winter nail art Image Source

14. Light Blue Snowman Nails

These snowman nails are so endearing and so easy to recreate!

winter nail art Image Source

15. Glitter Snowman Nails

Silver glitter nails make a beautiful background for some snowman winter nail art!

winter nail art Image Source

16. Dark Blue Snowman and Snowflake Nails

The white snowman and snowflake designs really stand out against a dark blue background in this winter nail art design!

winter nail art Image Source

Hopefully you found some awesome inspiration for some amazing winter nails! Just remember to add a quality top coat to your winter nail art to protect it.

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