16 Mischievous Minion Nails

Since the release of the Despicable Me movies, we’ve all fell in love with those adorable little creatures known as Minions. These loyal little yellow servants, with their blue overall and bug eye goggles, are just so cute! Kids everywhere are obsessed with these little buggers, and even older kids and parent have fallen in love. In fact, many teen girls and women even want to paint their nails like Minions.

Minion nails may look extremely difficult to create, but they really aren’t. Like the little servants themselves, Minion nails are pretty simple. All that’s required is some blue, yellow, black, and white nail polish. Acrylic paint can also be used in place of any of the nail polishes, as long as a top coat is used. Googley eyes can also be used for a fun 3D design.

Whether you’re spending a night in with the Despicable Me movies or heading out to the drive-in or theater to see the new Minion movie, Minion nails are the perfect nail art design for any Minion fan. If you need a little inspiration for your Minion nail art, check out these 16 oh so cute designs!

1. Minion French Tip Nail Art

Yellow nails with blue french tips can easily be turned into fun Minion nails, or in this case one Minion accent nail.

minion nailsImage Source

2. Minion Nail Art With Blue Tips

Dark blue tips over natural nails are pretty, but the little Minion on the middle finger adds an adorable touch!

minion nailsImage Source

3. Blue Glitter Minion Nails

A little yellow Minion is the fun focus of these glitter blue nails.

minion nailsImage Source

4. Simple Blue and Yellow Minion Nails

The little cyclops minion peeks out from these yellow and blue nails.

minion nailsImage Source

5. Simple Minion Nails

A perfect example to show that minion nails don’t have to be complicated.

minion nailsImage Source

6. Minion Nails on Short Nails

Minion nails look great on short nails…

minion nailsImage Source

7. Minion Nails on Long Nails

…and on long nails!

minion nailsImage Source

8. Blue and Yellow French Tip Minion Nail Art

Add some fun to a blue and yellow French manicure with a cute little minion!

minion nailsImage Source

9. Googley Eye Minion Nail Art

Use googley eyes to make goofy eyes for your Minion nails!

minion nailsImage Source

10. Polka Dot Minion Nails

Funky blue polka dots add a cute element to these detailed Minion nails.

minion nailsImage Source

11. Striped Minion Nails

Stripes can be a fun addition to Minion nails too!

minion nailsImage Source

12. Pink Tip Minion Nails

Pink tips add a girly and feminine touch to Minion nails.

minion nailsImage Source

13. Diagonal Stripe Minion Nails

A wide diagonal blue stripe on each yellow nail makes these Minion nails a little unique.

minion nailsImage Source

14. Diagonal Stripe Minion Toenails

Or add diagonal stripes to Minion nail art designs on your toes!

minion nailsImage Source

15. Yellow and Blue Polka Dot Minion Toenails

Blue polka dots on yellow nails are super cute as an accent to Minion toenails.

minion nailsImage Source

16. Blue and Yellow Polka Dot Minion Toenails

Little smirking Minion toenails make great accent to blue and yellow polka dot nails.

minion nailsImage Source

Aren’t these Minion nails adorable?! Hopefully you found a little inspiration for your own Minion nail art, so you can celebrate the release of the new Minion movie in style!

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